Dual Layer Media With PC games And PS2 games

OK im going to get a couple of DL discs to backup DL pc games i.e C&C Generals. With PC’s does it matter wether the DL is + or - also after creating a iso do i then just burn the iso as normal say with nero ??

Now im going with verbatim ether ther - or + discs so seen as there + disc is only X2.4 could some one tell me how long it would take to burn a full DL disc.

With the Verbs are the + R DL discs better than the -R DL discs or are they both on par with each other. If they are on par i was thinking of opting for the -R for pc if pc’s aint fussed as there X4.

Now with a ps2 i would like to try and backup god of war so with theps2 the iso needs patching from what i have read a ps2’s work best with +R DL set to dvd-rom. Anyone tryed -R DL with ps2 ??

DL- is not better than DL+, and vice versa.

Do you really expect than someone will or want to talk about “patching” a ‘backuped console game/iso’ here?! :eek: