Dual Layer Media! -from Pioneer

Q: Can I use the current model DVD Writers to write to Dual Layer DVD-R’s when they become available?

A: The basic technology for Dual layer DVD-R media is still under development so it would be impossible to incorporate this ability into the current model writers as no standards or media exist yet. It could be a few years away. No one knows what will be required to write to dual layer media if and when it appears. There is no doubt that a new drive will be required to write to dual layer DVD-R’s.

I thought dual layer media was not going to be possible. This certainly implies that it is very much a possibility. Anyone else have more info on this?

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If it’s possible, it would need some new funky kind of dye, of a type which I didn’t think existed. It might be possible, though. Doubtul (IMHO, anyway).

Yeah SirDavidGuy is right its going to be real problem getting the laser to write to the second layer and not effect the other unwritten recording layer.

Maybe they will find a dye and laser that can co-exist and be written without affecting each other.

But for now it doesnt seem likely.

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No shit, I linked to my post there. Anyway no one there knew anything about it so I posted here. Im just about to buy a dvd burner and would hate to have a dual layer burner come out a couple of months later. If it is years and blue ray is out first who cares of course but if the timeline is closer than it may be worth waiting for.

Dual layer media does exist and so does the burners. But unfortunately not available to the general public. Burners are around $20,000 each and the media around $40 each and availble to essential industrial users only. It will be many many years, if ever, before they come available to the general public.

perhaps you could privde a link to where you obtained this info?

Sorry but I have only been told verbally from within the movie industry. I do not know of a site that can verify it, sorry.

ok, just wish we could get some of that stuff at a reasonable price.

My understanding is that the A04 and Ao5 units DO write to dual layer. I could be wrong, but PIONEER makes the best DVD writers in terms of compadibility and since they released the product…well, it makes some sense that it can.

I will look into this more and let you know. I have an e-mail into them right now…


it is impossible that pioneer or some other company can produce dual layer in one side by using “DYE” as material. if they can do it. they will luanch it long time ago lol!!!