Dual Layer issue with ND-3500A

Here’s my problem. When I burn dual layer Verbatim…burns at 4X fine…BUT…approximately 50% through the burn…something must be happening. When I burn my home movies with Sonic MyDVD 5.3, they are usually 2 hours in total length. During playback…on three different DVD players (Two JVC and one Toshiba)…the disk pauses at the 1 hour mark for about two or three seconds (frozen frame) and then resumes. I have done my third disk and all three do the same thing. I am using firmware 2C8 SE. I have also burned one DL early on with Nero with firmware 2.16 that doesn’t pause at all. I suspect either the new firmware OR MyDVD isn’t burning the dual layer disks properly.

Any ideas? Thank You


P4-3.2 GHZ on Asus P4C800 E Deluxe
NEC ND-3500A on IDE 1 as master
Plextor PX-708a on IDE 2 as master
Western Digital 74 GB Raptor on SATA IDE 1
1 GB of Corsair SDRAM

layer break maybe?

In my experience a PC is less troubled with the layer break. Try to eg. PowerDVD on your PC and see if there are troubles there as well.

Also you could do a read curve using CD/DVD Speed. In some cases, the read speed drops at the layer break - perhaps it drops below a critical level for the bitrate you have done your recordings with.

You are definitely experiencing the effects of the layer break ( the transition from layer 0 to layer 1 on the DVD+R DL disc) .
Even a standalone player that is playing a DL pressed DVD-ROM discs can experience pausing during the layer transition!
With commerical DVD Videos, this pause is usually masked and hidden by placing the layer break at a scene/chapter change location or black space. This effectively “hides” the pause because there is no visual action occurring during the pause.
Now all you need to do is find DVD authoring software that allows you to choose where to insert the layer break. :smiley:

Try making an iso file withe either DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter then burn the iso with dvd decrypter.
Pay notice to settings in Shrink and Decrypter abour 'Remove layer break" and “Later Break/Calculate Optimal” which shoul be checked.

The 8Gb iso will only work on NTFS partion.

Alternatively you can use Copy2dvd which can also optimize layer break point (placing it between chapters)