Dual layer firmware for Pioneer?

Hi All,

I just read that there is or will be firmware available for the NEC 2500A DVD burner which will allow dual-layered burning. Does anyone know if this is also true for Pioneer drives (like the A07)?

Thanks in advance…Scott


Some Liteons can be (unofficially) made to burn DL (812S, 851S, 451S). There is supposedly one coming for the NEC 2500A.

Pioneer has demonstrated that it CAN be done (converting an A06 or A07 to a dual-layer burner) but they have at least thus far refused to release this firmware, and nobody else knows enough about how they’re put together to tweak it. And unlike Liteon, who use the same engine over and over again so tweaking their firmwares is easy, Pioneer seems to have NOT done that.

Add to that the fact that nobody is 100% sure whether their demo units that they showed off DL on were REALLY hardware-identical or not… and you have an unlikely scenario.

So unless Pioneer have a change of heart (unlikely), the answer is no.

  • Gurm

Hi…thanks for the info. Too bad but I bet someone out there will hack it sooner or later.


And I would bet otherwise. Say, let’s make that bet! I could use the cash! :wink:

The cash would sure come in handy for that new SOHW-1613S you’ve always wanted, wouldn’t it, code65536? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hacking DL onto a firmware isn’t something that an amateur can do by simple reverse-engineering. Sorry.

  • Gurm