Dual Layer DVD's

Hi. I am very new to DVD copying.

I have copied a DVD which was under 4.7gb, but now I want to copy a DVD which is 7.58gb. I have some 4.7GB blank DVD’s.

Can I get 7.58gb black DVD’s? Will I have to get some dual layer DVD’s? If so, will I need a Dual Layer DVD Writer?

Sorry if I sound stupid but I am very new to all this lol.


If you do a bit of reading on this forum, it should answer a lot of your questions.

However as a quick summary, you can use DL media if you want - personally I don’t use it, still too expensive and variable in quality. I use single layer media and AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 to backup my movies. This software will allow you to remove all the extra’s and then compress the movie to fit on a single layer disc. Or if you want, you can split the movie over 2 single layer discs.

If you do a bit of research you will discover there are free tools you can use as well, and other software you can buy. They all have different plus and minus points, and it will boil down to what you like using yourself.

I would suggest spending a bit of time on this site reading before you make any purschase.

so if i did want to copy the 7.58gb dvd without removing any extras, would i just need to buy a DL disc, or would I also have to get a dual layer writer? thanx.

You can use a program called DVDShrink. Its a free program.
It will compress the dvd to fit on a 4.7gb dvd. you can keep all the extras and menus.

This guide will give you an idea about the program.
With the new copyright protections on dvds, you might want to use anydvd along with DVDShrink

Compressing a 7.6GB movie to 4.4 GB will likely result in some poor quality. Using DVDShrink, getting rid of some audio streams and/or extras will be advisable.

Black DL, for what “black”??

if you want to copy all of the information with no compression you will need both a DL disc and a DL writer. there’s no such thing as a single layer 7.58 GB disc and single layer writers won’t write to DL discs

sorry for the double post, but i can’t edit my previous one.

i probably spoke too hastily when i said “there’s no such thing” as an extended capacity single layer disc since i have seen instances of writeable flipper discs although I’m not sure how easy they are to find or how expensive they are. in that instance you would write to each side of the disc. since you have to get up and flip the disc in the middle of the movie anyway it would probably be cheaper and easier to just burn it onto two single layer discs in that instance though.