Dual Layer Dvd

Well Geno888 said to me the Best Dual Layer disk is the Verbatim, now which one the +RDL or the -RDL i am using a Pioneer DVD Player and its always having a problem reading any +R Dvd I tried BenQ, Sony, Verbatim, and Imation all of these DVD Brand in +R Are a problem for my Dvd Player Sometimes it does read it but after a continuos reading attempts, yet with -R it very Quick to read and plays fine without jeaks…

Which of the following brand will give me not neccesary best Quality but good will do on Dual layer Dvds

1 Princo
2 Imation
3 Corex

None of them. For what I know these are among the worst DL media available in the market :frowning:

Can’t you get some Verbatim media somewhere at a decent price?

Maybe your Pioneer player is a bit picky, or the optical pickup needs some cleaning because of dust.

To improve compatibility, is better to change booktype of +R discs in ROM, but not all burners allow this.

Most burners, however, automatically change booktype of +R DL discs in ROM, and this highly reduce compatibility issues. I read about many people complaining that -R DL discs can give compatibility issues, so is better avoid them.

As geno said- “none of the above.” Using any of them instead of verbs is a false economy because your results are likely to be poor to very poor with any of them.

However, if you simply can’t get verbs where you live, you might try the Imations. Don’t expect miracles (or even consistently acceptable results) if you do though.

If you are questioning dual layer DVD, than Verbatim is the way to go. Use ImgBurn for burning as that one will place correct layer brake on the disc. Also change +R to read as DVD-ROM ( this is called book typing). ImgBurn has an option to do it.
If you are going to use other types you mentioned, do the same for +R disc, but do not expect every single one from those brands to play without glitches.

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