Dual Layer DVD



I have had my LiteOn 5045 for a month with no problems (apart from lip syn etc in LP record mode).
But I have now bought some DVDs to replace old videos, and they would appear to be dual layer discs and the 5045 can’t recognise them. Is this problem sortable or am I left with 10, very expensive, coasters?
Thanks in advance


I would say you may possibly have costers but if the drive failed to recognise the disks it won’t have burnt to them so you could sell them.


What program are you using to try to burn these d/l discs??. Is your bios upgraded to the latest one?? Run Nero Infotools or disk info pro and see if your drive is checked for dual layer. Post the media info from cdspeed for your dual layer media and the drive info from nero infotools or diskinfo pro on this forum


Are you sure they are dual layer? You would know it from the cost.

DL discs are still $5-10 a disk so you should know it if you bought some DLs


These are pre-recorded discs and it states on the box that they are “dual layer single sided”. They play OK on the PC but not the LiteOn


FYI - Almost every commercially released DVD (Movies that is) are, and have always been, dual layer. This has been part of the DVD specification from the beginning. As for whether or not a unit will play a dual layer DVD recorded by someone else on a home PC, the jury is still out. That being said, the people that make recordable dual layer discs claim that they CAN be read by virtually every DVD player made.

I leave it to you.


Do other pre-recorded disks play on your unit? Try checking the region information on these new disks.



Ahh, the original post wasn’t clear that these were production DL DVDs. I as well as the first 2 posters read you post as you were trying to burn DL discs in the 5005.


Most prerecorded disks play but I am just having trouble with a couple - I get the message “invalid disc” after it has finished “reading”. They play fine on the PC. I’ve used the multi-region code (I’m in the UK but I have some US baseball DVDs which are obviously Region 1 - these play fine as well.) I am coming to the conclusion that I just have some bum disks. Thanks to all who have offered suggestions. I appreciate your help