Dual layer dvd won't play in dvd player

but it will play fine on the pc??? why won’t my JVC DVD player run the DL disc.
It is Memorex DVD+R9 media. I have an idea that it may have something to do with changing booktype? my burner is a LG 4167B. how do I change and maintain the dvdrom booktype status while burning the movie? I did burn a movie to the DL from HDD ripped files and it is working in the PC, but not on my standalone player. Single layer discs compressed with dvd decrypter/shrink/nero
6.3/ work fine in the standalone. your help is much appreciated. thanks

It could be that your JVC is picky…or bitsetting it may well help.

Memorex isn’t the best media, though - for DL, I’d recommend Verbatim.

You can set the Booktype in Nero or ImgBurn, though you’ll have to reset it to DVD-ROM for each DL disc you burn. At least, I believe that’s how it is for the 4167B.

BTW, setting the booktype can only be done prior to burning…you can’t change the booktype on an already-burned disc.


Old Nero, wrong Booktype and bad media choice are the three points to check out.

Short and sweet as ever, chef :iagree:

Thanks for the flowers, Arachne. :wink:

thanks for the suggestions my friends. I have just discovered a new program called DVD Cloner 3. It is being used to burn instead of having to get “new” Nero. One down. The media choice has already been made and it works as I have burned a movie with this program and it is a thing of beauty when played on the pc. So, the problem is not the media, the problem is it won’t play in my standalone. As stated by me previously, single layer disc media dvd movies work great in my standalone. now, chef said one more thing and that is the book type. It seems if I can just do that successfully it may be the answer. I’ll try to use Imgburn or nero to change the booktype to DVDROM and I will get back to you again.

Check out the LG section too. Only a few LG drives and firmwares support booktyping really. :wink: