Dual layer Dvd recording

I ripped the files to HDD using dvd decrypter. then i tried using dvdbitsetter to set booktype to dvd rom it popped up that it did that with success. then i burned the files to a dvd +R DL. the playback on the pc performed and the quality was breathtaking. I was in awe of the sound, smoothness, resolution, just as perfect as could be. then I took the dvd and removed it from my pc and tried to play it in my standard JVC dvd player and it tried to read the disc but was unsuccessful. I have an LG dvd burner I think its a GS 4167B. Single layer DVDs that have been compressed with dvd shrink and burned with nero always work in my standard dvd player. but for some reason the Dual layer media is not working as is. So tell me please what can I do to make my dvd machine accept the wonders of Dual layer recorded dvd media. thanks so much for letting me join in. This is a great group.

edit: actually I set the booktype with dvd decrpyter…not bitsetter. and then I closed dvd decrypter and went on with burning the files. encoding was not necessary of course as we are using DL media.

I have read that some players cannot read home written DL disks. You do not mention what model the JVC is, so Google to see how your player stacks up.