Dual layer dvd +r

basic question for a newbie the dual layer does that mean that you can flip the disc over and record on it or is it where you can record multiple movies on the disk?

The DVD DL media in manufactured with 2 layers on one side, at different depths…

The dual layer means that you do not have to flip it over.

so a basic movie runs what maybe a gig worth and these discs are 8 gigs so you could fit 7 movies on there but how would go about fit multiple movies on a disc?Would i have to rcord all of them at once or would I have the option to record one at the time.

No, many retail DVD-Video discs have a movie that takes up the entire 8 gigs, or most of it with some space for extras. A movie in DVD-Video MPEG2 certainly is not a gig if it’s of any acceptable quality. And yes, you would, in theory, have to record them all at once. DVD players don’t take kindly to multisession discs.

ok well i remember back about 7 months ago i would use a program called dvd shrink or was it alcohol 120 and i had to take an avi. file from a p2p shrink it then throw it into dvd santa which was a real piece of crap or I would burn it off of nero but when I turned the disc over you could tell that there was a ton room on the disc because there was a tiny bit written on the disc where the movie was burned.I also recall that I had dowloaded a huge avi file that contained one movie but in two parts and it took two dvd discs which makes sense since it was like over 2 hours long

To do this thing you want to use dvd shrink and use the reauther mode to do all 5 to 7 avi files. Considering this is a legal download and not a P2P service. Which is against the rules useing P2P software to get a movie to burn.

A flipper is called DS -> Dual sided.