Dual Layer DVD-R!?

Is there any DVD-R burner that can burn DL?

thank you

All double layer discs are DVD+R DL at the moment…
So in answer to your question then its no but dual format drives can (As long as they support dual layer of course) because they can write to DVD±R…

Any -R DL Drives coming out any soon?

I seem to recall reading that a -R DL standard has been approved, and a news bit that said Plextor was planning on a -R DL capable drive… but I might have been dreaming.

I might have to try and find the press release/news thingy, unless someone finds and posts it before me - hint hint :wink:

The only drives I know that can (will) do DVD-R DL are the Plextor PX-716 (should be available now or pretty soon) and the Pioneer DVRA09 (not yet available).

Plextor PX-716A: DVD±R = 16x, DVD+RW = 8x, DVD-RW = 4x, DVD+R DL = 4x, CD-R = 48x, CD-RW = 24x, 8Mb after firmware upgrade release in december DVD±R = 16x, DVD+RW = 8x, DVD-RW = 4x, DVD+R DL = 4x, DVD-R DL = 2x, CD-R = 48x, CD-RW = 24x, 8Mb

PIONEER DVRA09: DVD±R = 16x, DVD±RW = 6x, DVD+R DL = 6x, DVD-R DL = 4x, CD-R = 40x, CD-RW = 24x, 2Mb

But why would you want to burn -R DL?

It will be less compatible than +R DL. It will be less mature than +R DL. And +R DL exists. The only reason -R DL will ever exist is to stroke the wounded pride of the DVD Forum.

I get this questions also about DVD-RAM!!

If you don’t want it, then don’t use it, but in my opinion it never hurts if a drive can do it.

I agree in all points with code65536
+R (DL) is simply more mature then -R (DL) and when the quality of DVD-R DL is the same as of DVD-R in general i never want to test it out.

The point is, its not needed. You can get DVD+R DL now and i dont think DVD-R DL would be from the price-quality better in the start then DVD+R DL.
Its a prestige thingie the dont want to lose but they lost already when it comes to DL.

-RAM is different. There is no alternative that’s quite like it. +RW is lacking in some things that -RAM can do. So there will be an answer to the “why” that I just asked.

Likewise, +R vs. -R was also different because +R was technically superior, was thus able to accelerate to faster speeds, and there also existed single-format drives.

But as for -R DL vs. +R DL, unless the DVD Forum suddenly injects some spectacular new feature into the -R DL specs (yea, right), there is no benefit offered by -R DL. And in fact, there will be a number of disadvantages to -R DL. And since no DL drive will be single-format, there isn’t the same kind of impetus that first drove the +R vs. -R conflict. So the question still stands, “why?”

For these reasons, I’m sure that -R DL will be a flop when it comes out.

Pioneer wants it to be neutral. Too much Plus is dangerous. So they want some minus so as to make it 0 again.

I’m more interested in 8x DVD+R DL, but I have already ordered a 2.5-inch HDD player that can play DVD and DivX. It even has a LAN port. :slight_smile: