Dual Layer DVD+R: dvd player will not read, but computer DVD drive does?

yes i am a noob. however i had 1 succesful burn with a dual layer dvd+r that both my dvd drive and dvd player recognized and read with no problems. (on a side note, other dvds i have burned have worked in both)

now, i burned 2 more dual layer dvd+r that failed to be read in my dvd player but my dvd drive read and played fine.

is this possible due to the dvd player itself? the first burn was from a diretct dvd9 rip from a dvd released in 98

the 2nd and 3rd burns were also from a DVD9 rip, however from a 2 DVD set just released with the past month.

so is it possible that it is due to the age of the DVD player? becuase i have had no problems with it reading other burned dvd until just now.


what are u using to burn the dl discs?

use dvd decrypter in “iso read” to put it on the HD then “iso write” mode to burn it to disc…guaranteed to work…:slight_smile:

The question that you should answer is.

What media type are you using?
Have you changed the media type?
Are you changing your booktype ( bitset ) from DvD+R to DvDRom?

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i burned with nero (as i always have)
i used fuji dvd+r dl
as stated b4, i have had no problem in the past until now.
these are vob files
reads/plays just fine on my computer
does not read/play on dvd player

What you mean by dvd player is that a stand alone player?, if yes may be you have to finalized the disc to be readable in your player.

Standalone DvD players can be picky about +R media, especially old ones.
Try changing your booktype from DvD+R DL to DvDRom and you should not have this issue.

check your player here

HD-DVD, Bluray and DVD Player DVD±R/W Compatibility list


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thank you!

Let’s know if your problem have resolved nad if yes how.

so how do i change the booktype?

First off, your burner has to be capable of bitsetting (changing the booktype).
If you could post your make/model #, we can advise…
Definitely take a look and do some reading here:

Hope this helps.

this burner came with the computer i bought in spring '06
Compaq PC
burner: TSST Corp CD/DVDW TS-H552L

i burned with nero (as i always have)

I wouldn’t use nero for DL burning. Give Imgburn a shot, it should place the layer break better…booktyping is also supported here, but not sure if your drive is supported via Imgburn.