Dual-layer DVD+R discs launch in Japan for ¥1,500 this month

I just posted the article Dual-layer DVD+R discs launch in Japan for ¥1,500 this month.

  I figured you would click that headline, unless  unlike me,     you already knew that meant US$ 13.30 cents.  At which point, maybe you would have  been frantically reaching for your...
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WHAT 1500 Dollars for DVD+R DL! :r

Just kidding 13 Dollars is not bad price for a burner. The Media has to come To 2 Dollars/Euro’s A Peice For it to Become anyway Reasonable :g

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not at all anxious to burn a 13 dollar coaster…

as been stated before remember cdr’s started at 30 bucks a pop so think about that coaster. Remember newer technology is always more expenisve. Cell phones back in the day cost more then 10 cents a minute. Get used to buisness

cell phones…they cost about 10 cents a minute at peak times now

Cell phones used to cost around a dollar USD per minute back in the day!!

I understand that the price will drop, but it will have to come down a LONG ways for me to consider buying more than a couple. Even at 5 dollars I would literally sh!t if I burned a coaster! :r

I’m sorry but off topic and i just have to laugh at the guys moaning about 10 cents a minute peak calls. Here in the Uk it’s 1 dollar a minute peak time. Man i wish i lived in US/Canada :g
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13 dollari??!! Sticazzi!!:frowning:

  • 13$ like a box of 25 Verbatim !?? - For a Shitty DVD+R9 - i’m wait Settember for the DVD-R9 from Piooner :r ( @ maxfirenze … Veramente cazzi acidi sti prezzi !!! )

Couple the high initial DL media prices with sloow burn times and u you have very litte incentive to go nutso. All IMO, of course :slight_smile: They are milking the early adopter niche, as is to be expected at this stage of the game. Production will pick up and prices will drop, but I doubt they’ll be reasonable within 6 months.

DVD-R9 will be crap unless the DVD-Forum will offer bitsetting capabilities. Bitsetting or at least the “DVD-ROM”-flag is a must feature for DL-discs. But this is improbably since the DVD-Forum is very conservatively.

And why should they add the bitsetting ability to DVD- ? DVD+ had to add that as their disks are as incompatible as that can be ! So they need that and tricks like DVD Alliance used to play with their customers (remember that how 1st generation DVD+RW drives were able to write the DVD+R disks with their “PROMISED” firmware upgrade… still waiting for that promise to be true, yeah):r DVD Alliance is a group that I do not wanna spend a buck on, so I do not care how crap you call the DVD- DL, that is surely the format I (and many of us I think) will choose. :wink: regards, Stephen

No, that’s not right. The compatibility of DVD-R on older drivers is higher, because of the earlier invention of the DVD-R format. In the past lots of DVD-Player manufactures wrote their firmware in a way, which simply rejected the DVD+R format. This have only been marketing practice. A drive, which is technically able to read the DVD-R format is also able to read DVD+R. As I said, this only depends on the firmware. That’s why the DVD+RW alliance offered bitsetting features to bypass the disadvantages forced by the DVD forum. So if you have older standalone DVD-Players which will not recognize the “DVD+R9”-flag and “DVD-R9”-flag you have to use bitsetting or at least a “DVD-ROM”-flag by default. Hopefully the DVD forum will also offer this option like the DVD+RW alliance or otherwise compatibility will be poor. P.S.: I don’t want to start a flamewar with this post. I just want to point out the facts.

Facts ? Fact is that the old drive we bought many years ago from Ricoh is now under my desk, and we cannot do anything with it. Guess which alliance made it ? Right, it’s DVD+. No matter how they act, they lied ONCE and will lie again. The fact is that, if you examine the standards carefully that DVD- is (especially) suggested for DVD VIDEO while DVD+ for DATA. (of course both can be used for anything in reality) “+” has its advantages over the “-” format, BUT their manufacturers and development teams are just a team that want to get much more money, and want us to pay twice for a product that they “develop”. As far as I know, the oldest “-” writer still can produce a disk that is READABLE in any drive without a hitch, while as said the older DVD+RW drives are now just history, of course for some thousands bucks. Great job, but I won’t support that kind of “development” which costs so much for the avarage user. regards, Stephen

…you know the solution, don’t use a mobile phone…!

I can understand your attitude against the DVD+RW alliance, because of your experience with the old DVD+RW only drive. Maybe I would react the same, if I had bought such a drive. But on the other hand we would still have slow DVD-R/RW drives without the DVD+RW alliance. Not to speak about DL funcionality. Features like highspeed- and doublelayer-recording have never been intended by the DVD forum. They have always just reacted on the inventions the DVD+RW alliance published. I think that the competition between the DVD forum and the DVD+RW alliance is a real benefit for consumers. However that may be, it is clear that money making is the incentive of the industry. I think we should leave this offtopic discussion alone. Alright!? :slight_smile: Bye, Frittenbude