Dual layer dvd players

Decided to make a new thread about this. I am having a problem here. Neither of my dvd players will play my dual layer disc. When I select a menu option, it just goes back to the dvd start menu and stops. I even bought a third player just now that was supposedly compatible with dvd +r dl. I just don’t know what’s going on. Can anyone help? It was verbatim dvd +r dl. The movies will play, but I can’t select anything on the menu without them freezing or just stopping like “scene selection”. Here are the dvd players:

Philips DVD 580M
Magnavox MWD200GA
Durabrand DVD-1002

Here is a movie I made of it happening: http://garnet.acns.fsu.edu/~mbp02/movie.avi

Hi miclus
If you burn to fast will cause the menus not to work

Will the dual layer disks play in your computer? How did you make the dual layer dvd that you are trying to play? Is it a backup of a commercial dvd or a home-made video?

Might help to know the exact process you used to make it, the make and model number of your dvd burner and the burning program that you used.

At least you’re using the best available DL disks. They have worked for me in every player I’ve tried.

**stealth edit: as Storm Jumper pointed out, the burning speed you used could be important too

They are commercial dvds I’m burning. See that movie for an example of the problem. That is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure menu. I basically used Nero 7, set the options for booktype to DVD-ROM, then burned at 4x. They play fine on software dvd players on my burner. It’s an LG GSA-H42N.

The front of the dvds do say 2.4x, but a yellow sticker says “up to 8x speed with comptabile high speed dvd+r dl drives”. So, you think I should try 2.4x instead?

Someone on another forum suggested I use this program called IMGBurn instead. What do you guys think? If I use it, do I still have to set that booktype option? I’m guessing just click that LG tab and do dvd-rom.

Try it at 2.4x, using ImgBurn.

I prefer to rip to the hard drive as an ISO when burning to dual layer dvds, but if you already ripped in file mode rather than an ISO, you can use ImgBurn in Build mode to burn the movie. It will automatically try to set the layer break in the optimal point. But the layer break isn’t the problem with your menu. Burning at a slower speed may be one of the few options left.

ImgBurn is the only burning program I use for dual layer disks now, and is widely recommended over Nero for this purpose.

I don’t know about your LG drive, but many drives will bitset a DVD +R DL to DVD-Rom automatically. And bitsetting a +R DL disk is definately recommended for best compatibility. Maybe someone else who knows LG drives will pitch in and say if yours does this.

Thanks, IMGBurn worked. Does IMGBurn replace dvd programs that remove the various protections and region stuff, or do you still need one of those? Right now, I use CloneDVD to get the stuff to my drive, and now use IMGBurn to put it on a disc. I’m wondering if I can eliminate CloneDVD altogether.

No, that’s a long story why ImgBurn doesn’t have decrypting capabilities. Macrovision is the villian in that sorry tale. There are a couple of free decrypting/ripping programs that are still being updated, DVDFab Decrypter and RipIt4Me. I recommend RipIt4Me—it is very flexible in how you can use it. You can set it to compress with DVDShrink, or use no compression at all. Depends on what you want to do.

Another option is AnyDVD, which is a commercial program that runs in the background and removes encryption on the fly. You can then use any ripper that you want, DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, or whatever you prefer. The main advantages to AnyDVD are that it is updated constantly, you get free upgrades for the life of the program, and the premium version also decrypts HD-DVD and BlueRay.