Dual Layer DVD/Newer Movies

I have upgraded my burning software to DVDFab Platinum 5 because the older versions are not able to handle newer releases. So then I upgraded to the new software then I’ve run into the issue with DVD fab stating that I needed a dual layer DVD in order to burn the movie. So what I had been doing was doing a “split or a custom split” which would then divide half the movie on one dvd and the other dvd. But then that got old so I opted “splurge” and purchase the DVD +R DL by memorex. Well I have tried and tried and it won’t burn on them. I have no clue what I am doing wrong, all I get is a “burn fail” error with no explanation. This is not enough to figure out what is the issue. I have read all the trouble shooting problems and I have changed the settings you name it. So now this is my last resourse, what am I doing wrong or what should I do. My burner is one that came with my laptop it’s a TSST corp CD/DVDW TS-L632M ata DEVICE.


Have a couple of options for you. DvdFab will output so that your backup Dvd will fit on a single layer disc, you just have to make sure that the box in the bottom left hand corner says Dvd5 not Dvd9. An option for movie only, which DvdFab will also do. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Posts #77 & #78.


If you wish to continue backing up to dual layer, I recommend that you obtain Verbatim. You can however try the following even with your Memorex, just to see how it goes. Do a full rip with DvdFab (Dvd9), then burn DvdFab’s output with Imgburn using the following.


Have you thought about upgrading again to Platium 6 ?

Well thank you for helping however it didn’t work using your suggestion. And I read the threads you suggested also. :frowning:

we just purchased DVD 5, I’m not sure we want to invest another $40 for DVD6… I may opt to purchase different burning software though.

[QUOTE=katandgene;2281781]we just purchased DVD 5, I’m not sure we want to invest another $40 for DVD6… I may opt to purchase different burning software though.[/QUOTE]Your license for DVDFab 5 is good for DVDFab 6 so as long as you don’t add options your cost is $0

Also you will have to get a new key for DVDFAB 6 (free ), also the burn fail could be from trying to burn to fast and you might to update the firmware for your burner and use a better grade of media as was mentioned by Beef. BTW the finial version of 5 is not the 5.3 series you can find the latest versions here in the forum

Downloaded DVD FAB6 and it still wont work, however it now gives me an error code= 112 HWS_DEVICEINITFAILED (initialization of the writing device has failed)

so I dont know what my next step is

might not solve your problem but i got the same error before. go to settings and then click the “read” tab in the left column. At the top you’ll see I/O mode set that to auto if not already. (I had mine set to SPTI for vista and using IMGBurn for my burn engine, when the write process began I received the same error so i set it back to auto and no problems afterwards)
not sure if you’re using the vso burn engine.

thanks its been on auto… using my system dvd burner listed in prior post

wait I have options! lol it has vso and img burn…

IMGBurn can be selected as your burn engine but you have to d/l it seperate and install (it is free and the best burn engine bar none) look for a post by a cdfreak member by the name of stormjumper and in his signature you’ll see a link on how to set it up with DVDFab.

If you followed the instructions I gave, ImgBurn would have created a burn log, please post? ImgBurn / Help / ImgBurn Logs. Also, what didn’t work, you have to give details.

I didnt have imgburn downloaded when you gave prior instructions… im still working on it, the option is there with DVD fab but I didnt have the software… im a novice and I appreciate everybodys help

[QUOTE=katandgene;2281779]Well thank you for helping however it didn’t work using your suggestion. And I read the threads you suggested also. :([/QUOTE]

It’s pretty tough for something to work, if you don’t bother doing it.

Yeah I’m still having DL problems since version 5 of DVD Fab. Still get the error 112 as well. Using Verbatim DVD+R DL media, it’s worked fine in the past, and I’ve posted recently about it, but didn’t really find anything that worked to fix.

Yes I’ve gotten lots of advice but nothings worked for us either. Sad thing is people get a very bad attitude when responding to these posts. I am giving up lol


in most cases using a slim type drive or an older burner, dual layer media is going to fail even if using verbatim.

dvdfab is mostly likely asking to use dual layer media because you need to change the compression setting from DVD9 to DVD5. [such as beef barley suggested]

i have dvdfab setup to always do main movie, compress [if needed] to fit single layer dvd [dvd5] and burn using ImgBurn.

please view these youtube videos [which need updated] to see how i have dvdfab setup.

once you get you dvdfab and imgburn setup, please post a burn log.

THe compression setting was changed to 5 and it still errored. IMGBURN was not useful because it stated the movie had copyright protection and it also failed and did not create a burn log…

ImgBurn is not a ripper, you need to rip it with DvdFab & then burn it to a blank disc with ImgBurn. Either with the link troy512 gave you or with the options I gave you earlier.