Dual Layer DVD burning

I’m going to burn some dual layer DVDs for the first time. Generally can someone give me some recommendations (links are good) on what are good additional procedures/preparations? (aside from just using nero and doing it directly)

Also, I would like to know if it’s a good idea to do multisession on dual layer discs.


Read this and good luck!!!

I’m in a slightly different situation here. I’m making a music CD with a lot of big files to burn. So basically I want to make a data disc with all music files(not video). Right now I can barely use 5Gb and I don’t really want to waste the rest. So the guide doesn’t apply to me does it?


Well then IMO there’s nothing wrong with using nero to make a data dvd to DL disk…
try it…

So two quick questions, what burning speed should I use and is it a good idea to do multisession burns on DL disks?

burning speed? depends on media and burner…for data burn, faster should be ok!
try a multisession, should be fine…i don’t normally burn multi to DL…perhaps others will post, but I’d try it, it’s only one disk for crying out loud!!! have fun and good luck!!!

I use the Liteon 165h6s and Verbatim DVD+R DL (singapore).

It’s not about the cost of the disk, I want to delete all of the files (5gb worth) from my drive after I burn them. And then if the multisession fails later then I will have to rip and compress all of the files again.

Edit: Nevermind, my drive only offers 4x DL writing. So I’ll just try it with maximum speed now.

You should be good to go… I only burn with Verbs and 4x should be ok for you…
BTW don’t delete from HDD till you check your burn… :slight_smile:

Best thing you can do is to get Verbatim brand DL media and then you DVD Decrypter to rip and burn your DL Movie or Video.

There’s a “power calibration error” right at the beginning. I found the fix on this forum, but is it just a software glitch or should I no longer continue(due to actual hard ware/nero problems)?

Hey TCAS thanx for joining in! Op stated DVD Dl burn, so I assumed movie as well… however 2nd post states music only… :cool:

The thing was burned to full but it said “could not perform end of Disc at once” and died at the end!

I just wasted a DVD with nero, problem after problem.

Hey Goit, don’t get discouraged… explain your process…Rip>backup> burn…
Is your file DVD compliant? open and see contents…Are you burning disk to disk OTF?
If so backup to hdd first and burn from their…

No, I’m moving all of the files from the hard drive to the DVD. How do I know if it’s dvd compliant? They are just folders of music files in FLAC format.

I basically just used EAC to rip them, then FLAC to encode them (lv8). So now they are all on my hard drive, FLAC files in many folders and I just dragged them (folders) into the window. It went through the whole process and at the end when it should do the varification it reported that error.

Is my disk dead? When I checked my computer it still says 0 bytes used and 0 bytes left.


Instead of you wasting a bunch of DL disc’s. Take a DvD-RW and fill it and use it to figure your problem out. If it screws up, erase and start over until you get the issue right.

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I don’t have and RW discs. And even if I used them I don’t think they apply to DL discs. I think it’s nero’s incompatibility with DL disks that is the problem. I burnt a lot of SL disks and they were all perfect. So I think it’s something with the DLs and nero.

You can’t burn flac format to DVD…At least I don’t think you can…
try this to CD-R

Why do you have to have them to DL?

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Oh, really? I didn’t know that. So what file formats are compatible with DVDs? What about WMA lossless? Or any lossless codec.

I want a collection of related music to fit on one disk. They are over 5GB so SL is too small.