Dual layer dvd burned in sony Q58A - only plays at times

I just bought a dell laptop with DL burner and I used DVDCopyTools to copy a DL dvd image on to my drive. Then I used the Nero software to use the Sony Q58A drive to burn this image onto teh Verbatim DL media.

Now this dvd playes on my NS75H DVD player - but NOT on the laptop dirve or any other dvd player…this is the weiredest thing I have heard of…and then - I did a search on the web - 1st forum popped up was this…please help me… :confused:

Some trouble with the drive…
Burn with verify so you can be sure they are readable at least.

but here is the thing…if there was something with the sony q58A drive (which I used to burn it ) - then why would the dvd not play in the same drive in my brother’s laptop???

Actually could it be something to do with the way the disc image was written??

Because burning the media successfully is no guarantee for a successfully playable dvd.

but does that also mean that the burned dvd will not be recognized by the drive used to burn it - however will be recognized by only one dvde player in the house??

It depends on thse factors mainly:
burner, firmware, media, booktype, software.

chef…I am grateful for your answers…but what should be my next step???

Should I change the software used to image the dvd or should I change the software used to burn the image??

oh and one more thing…I just looked up this whole booktype thing…it says DVD+R DL…

If you can change the booktype to DVD-ROM, try that first.
Best achieved by using an image or iso as source and booktyping and burning using ImgBurn.

you’re using good media so that’s a start!

I’m not sure how well nero handles layer breaks. I know it used to have problems, but I’m not sure if that ahas been updated or not. I’ve never used Nero for DL burning so someone can jump in if I’m out of line, but ImgBurn seems to be the universal free choice with DL burns.

make sure all background processes are halted, remove any packetwriting software if you don’t use it (Nero InCD, Roxio DragtoDisk, etc, etc), make sure your burner firmware is up to date, and burn at a resaonable speed.

you can also set booktype in ImgBurn (if your burner allows booktyping/bitsetting)

keep in mind that the above is just general good practice and good sense when it comes to buurning dvds. booktyping MAY enhance compatibility, but it shouldn’t make much of a difference with newer drives so odn’t get too hung up on it if your drive doesn’t support booktyping… if you’ve done everything as suggested (update firmware, stop all unnecessary running processes, remove packet writing software, bitset to dvd-rom, and bnurn at the rated speed for the media) then I’m stumped.

thanks reasonsnotrules…probably a stupid question but what is bitset? and if you don’t use nero - what do you use??..how about alcohol 120% ?

bitset is the same as booktype. click the nifty little forum generated link to the left :slight_smile:

and for dl burning i rip with dvd decrypter in ISO mode then load the MDS file into ImgBurn to burn. That is my personal method. some people feel that preserving the original layer break like I do is unnecessary. in that case, you can just burn the ISO using ImgBurn and ImgBurn will automatically place a “best fit” type of layer break as opposed to reading the information from the original through the MDS file.