Dual-layer dvd burn

Whats the best way to burn a Dual layer dvd? I tried burning using anydvd and dvdclone but it burns completely but stops after about 1 1/2 hours into the movie. Should I burn an ISO then burn the dvd? and if so what program should I use.

ImgBurn is a good tool for burning ISO images.

Try to rip the entire disc with dvd decrypter in ISO mode, and then burn the ISO with Imgburn, as suggested by brokenbuga :iagree:

I would recommend to use CloneCD inconjunction with AnyDVD. First use CloneCD to make a image of the DVD onto the HD and then get a DL media and then use CloneCD to burn the image to the DL media.

AD + clone cd rip and burn gives good results

Also use good media like Verbatim.

I have had very good results burning DL DVD’s using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

Besides having good reliable media to burn to also you should buy a good quality DL burner. I used Fuji, Memorex, Imation, Compusa brand with little to no problem with my LiteOn DL burner-to burn 1:1 copy of my DVD media.

Besides the Fuji I wouldn’t touch the rest even with a 10 foot pole. I only use verbatim’s.

@ coolcolors,

Before volunteering suggestions for good reliable DL Media it would be a good idea to actually insure that the DL Media you are recommending to fellow Forum Members is in fact proven good reliable DL Media.

For a known proven fact Memorex, Imitation, CompUSA brands of DL Media is absolute garbage DL Media. These brands of single layer DVD Media are also known to be problematic and should be avoided.

FujiFilm DL Media is acceptable DL Media. The preferred DL Media of choice is Verbatim DL Media.

Two places to research the quality of DVD Media are the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=33) and/or The Video Help DVD Media List (http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia).

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It just so happens that yesterday I finally got my hands on some RIDATA 2.4X DVD+R DL media to try with my Plextor PX-716A V1.09 drive and the DVDDecrypter ISO’s (w corresponding MDS files) of DVD9 titles I’ve been archiving to HDD for some time now. (Call me cheap, I waited for prices to come down to the 1.40USD per disc level)

I’ve run a PlexTools Pro v2.32a Q-Check FE/TE Test on the first piece of media and got a re-assuring quality conclusion (screenshot attached).

FYI - I also have Nero 7 Ultra Edition, AnyDVD5960, CloneCD5281 & CloneDVD2(851) installed on a PIII 667 133FSB 512MB w 279GB HDDs(2) Win XP Pro SP2 machine (the Plextor P4 minimum requirement has proven, up to this point anyway, to be a non-issue).

So, given that DVDD3540 ISO Write Test Mode is “not supported by the current media (DVD+R DL)”, and, in the interests of remaining true to my cheap nature, can an experienced hand here in the forums point out anything I should re-consider before I commit to a burn using DVDD3540?

I’ve noticed quite a few members like ImgBurn to do what I’m proposing, however, I am, as yet, unfamiliar with that s/w. Will it give me a Test Mode equivalent dry run opportunity, or, is that some kind of limitation with my media type?

Imgburn is from the same author(dvddecrypter), it has an improved burning engine, so i’d burn it with this.

rapid fire … thanks for that info … I didn’t remember I had realized that previously, and already had ImgBurn inst exe archived, now have installed, but, I get same warning message about Test Mode is “not supported by the current media (DVD+R DL)”. Should I be queing up in ImgBurn with the MDS file or the actual ISO file?