Dual layer drive question

Anything that I copy and burn using my Sondy Dual layer drive will not play in my Toshiba DVD player but will play in the Tivo and portable player. Any suggestions?

Hi Karla and welcome to cdfreaks,

Most likely this is a compatibility issue with your blank media and Toshiba.
Tough to nail down a specific answer without details.

Have you had success with any other burned media in your Toshiba?

What is the MID (media code) of your blank media?

You can download and run nero cd/dvd speed (click on the link in my sig if you don’t have it). It will display the MID, burner and firmware (other stuff if we need it)… :wink:

Here’s what a screenshot of nero will look like…post #5:

Its been awhile so I don’t remember which way it was but I got rid of my Toshiba cause it wouldn’t play +r’s or -r’s. Like I said I can only remember it would only play one type but not both. I don’t recall which way it was though.

I picked up a Sony DVD player that was under 100 and it plays both just fine.

You have to look at the specs of the DVD player to see what media it is certified to play.

With respect to jsmiddleton4’s post, one more thought…
You may want to consider trying a +R blank and bitset to DVD-ROM prior to burning. Hopefully, this will increase your chances of a compatible disc for your Toshiba. Use a quality blank such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

Good luck and let us know…

It has to be the dual layer drive. I use the same discs and can burn with another computer and they plan fine in the Toshiba player. This is driving me nuts and I wish I could figure out what the problem is. I want to use the computer with the dual layer for speed and the fact that there are two DVD drives so it is a seamless effort not having to switch discs out.

Hi Karla Szaroleta
What is the name and model of your dual layer drive also what is the brand name of the blank DVD’s you are trying to use :confused: one more thing is the firmware for the dual layer drive up-to-date :confused:

Hi Karla. If you would post a burn log it would have most of the information that maineman and stormjumper requested. See the bottom link in my sig for instructions if you need them. We need information to be able to help you.:slight_smile: