Dual Layer Disks

Will my 708A burn the new dual layer 8.5GB disks?

No, it will not burn those discs.

It cant even burn single layer correctly let alone NEVER burn dual layer…this has been discussed before…NEVER EVER NEVER!
A new drive is in R&D right now being tested but they want to make alot of money so a simple firmware would never be released, who knows what hacks will be available but if the laser doesnt support dual then it cant be done.

None of the existing single layer 8x DVD burners will support dual layer DVD burning. There were some thoughts that via a firmware upgrade 8x SL burners could support DL recording but firmware is not the only important thing for DL burning. The most important factor is the OPU (Optical Pickup Unit) in the drive, it has to be high quality for it to burn DL correctly. So, in theory some 8x DVD burners with good OPUs could be upgraded to DL. This is exactly what NEC will do with the ND-2500A. They will add DL support to some of these drives and release them as ND-2510A drives. Plextor will not do this. As has always been the case, they do not support things that are not standards (yet). Simple as that!