Dual layer disk



Hi, im trying some dual layer disk and i have some questions, first im using imgtool and pgcedit , after i was done with the burn it was finalizing the disk seems longer than on a single layer diskand then it recycled the tray and started verifying sectors then said complete do i have to wait for this process. second , i played the disk , it was empire strikes back and i noticed some blur how can this be if there was no compression , it seems the same whether i compressed it on a single disk or a dvd-9 dual , thanks i use fuji dl rw +


Hi, i decided to try a dual layer disk , i bought a pack of fuji and used pgcedit and imgtool .movies that i have to compress to much i wanted to use dl disk , first why after imgburn and it finalized the disk did it recycle the try and started to verify sectors after a couple of minutes it saaid complete is this necessary or can i stop this process and also after i did empire strikes back i thought this would be a perfect copy but it seemed blury on some objects how can this be when i used a dual layer disk and did not need to compress it thanks.



I’m not sure to understand your question (a little confused for me), but check if you have this setting enabled. If you don’t want to verify the disc after burning, unselect it


sorry about the long question, is it necessary to verify it . also i put the original movie in and then the dual disk in and i noticed some blur shouldnt this be a perfect copy.


Sorry, I still don’t understand what is the problem.

Are you saying that playback is not good?

What media are you using? And what burner/firmware do you have?


im using fuji i have a sonydru810a, shoudnt it be a perfect copy since im not compressing i see alittle blur in the copy on different objects. not bad but i thought it should be like the original.


Any playback problem in a disc usually is due to a bad burn. Also a picky standalone can cause playback problems.

Until now the only good DL media are verbatim; all other dual layer discs give variable results.

Can you post a scan with cd-dvd speed of that disc? Sony drives can do scans :iagree:


the movie plays fine i just thought it should be a exact copy or am i being to picky, i just noticed a little blur in some background objects.


A bad burned disc can cause these problems. For what I know pgcedit shouldn’t modify video streams in any way (except for removing garbage), so is probable that your problem is caused only by a bad media.


sorry to keep bothering you with this question, but should it be a perfect copy or am i being to anal. do you think its worth it to use dual layer disk, i used vobblanker and menu shrink but empire strikes back still requires alot of compresson i just thought i would get better quality with a dual layer disk.


No problem :slight_smile:

If you are picky, the best option is to buy only the better media available. Try with verbatim (until now the only best DL discs).

You can do also another test. Try to split the movie in two single layer discs, and see if quality improve


thanks for all the advice.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Poor DL media or poor burns will give poor results…


Most likely your blur is caused by laser tracking issues with your dvd player and high pif errors on your media. Yes a 1:1 copy on good media with a good burn (ie use Verbatim all other brands of dual layer disks out there are junk) should fix your issue. PGCedit does not in any way modify the VOBs so there is no way that it could cause your blur issue.

A cheaper alternative is to split the dvd into 2 single layer dvds as mentioned above. Shrink can do this easily with no compression (use start and end frames). Also to help with high compression you could always shave off the credits off the end of a movie (sometimes this can give you up to 10% less compression).


I was just curious as to the original posters reference to using a fuji dl rw, I was not aware that rewritable dual layer media was available. If it is, could someone point me in the direction of where to purchase this, I live in the US, thanks.


I do not think there is any such thing as dual layer rw media. It is most likely Ritek DL +R media sold by Fuji.