Dual Layer disk not recognised anymore

Hi peepz,

I’m using the NEC 7173 with great pleasure for some time now. I burn lot’s of backups for my xbox360. All of a sudden, DL discs are not recognised anymore. I tried other burning progs, but all failes to detect the disk. I tried different firmware for the NEC, no solution. I even took the burner out and put it in another computer, … same problems ! The burner has no problems with other discs and detects and burns them well,…it just says no media…

I run Windows Vista Home premium and i use Nero and CloneCD for burning.

What could be wrong ?

The media, you didnt mention it clearly.

What is it?

I always use Platinum 8 speed DVD+R DL’s without troubles.

When DVDinfoPRO is checking the media, i hear ploink…ploink…ploink sounds coming out of the burner…I even fails to recognise well burned DL’s which carry games that work in the 360,…

It managed to burn a normal dvd dvd5 without problems…

Guess i have to shop for another one…??

Guys ? No clues ? :confused:

…i already ordered another NEC AD-7170S,…so i can continue burning DL’s for the 360…

crap DL media…

Buy originals. :bigsmile:

Thanks for your tremendous input dude,…never thought about that one myself ! :clap:

I run Windows Vista Home premium

Crap operating system

Well well well, another rocketscientist on the forum…or are you the brainsurgeon ? hahahahaha :doh:

They’re trying to tell you to use Verbatim DVD+RL DL media. :bigsmile:

Both and you??

He is clearly a “console backupper” who can afford in getting lots of coasters because of crap DL media used but seems not wanting to afford buying console games anyway… :-X
His posts tell all that clearly.

If you want a working DL, use Verbatim DL.

Are all your 15000+ posts of this level ? :iagree:

I’m not that clever no,… that’s why i went here to find some answers,…unfortunately the only thing happening in here is that people go mumbling “buy verbatim,…buy verbatim,…buy verbatim”, so i probably move on to a forum were people really READ posts and try to come up with REAL solutions…

Is that it ? Thanks mate for the hint !

The only remark i have is that i have bad experiences with those Verbatims in combination with my Sammy Xbox 360 drive…The Platinums always worked great for me, so why should it malfunction all of a sudden ? I also tried the NEC to read an older working game, so that should be no problem and it must be a hardware issue imho, but he i’m a n00b, that’s why i came here in the first place… :wink:

And for your ability too “sense” posters backgrounds and circumstances…it sucks… :sad: You can read in earlier posts by me that i even used the Pioneer 111d in combination with Verbatims to burn quality backups…it should be the best combination,…well it was crap ! Now i use the NEC in combo with Platinums and they ALWAYS work !

I run Windows Vista Home premium and i use Nero and CloneCD for burning.

Why don’t you at least contact the manufacturer of the OS?


My final 2 cents for you:
You sound to me like a lil child doing illegal things -even you know that- and you think others have not seen the truth behind your disguised items.
I feel really sorry for you. :sad:

Just please STOP spamming. :rolleyes:

You sound to me like some whanker who presumes to know what he is talking about, and if he has no answers he starts wining about “crappy media” and “illegal” software and starts calling names to people who come here for answers…

And for your Stasi :cop: file,…my software is legal

Since it’s obvious that nobody is going to contribute to this thread with useful information I am closing it to prevent further flaming.

Hamsmoeltje please watch your language!

Chef please refrain from acting as a mod! You have already been warned about this before.

PS: Almost any DL media except for Verbatim actually is crap