Dual layer disk Gets Stuck after first layer when dumping iso

Ok I am trying to dump an iso from a disk, and around 50 percent mark, the speed drops significantly. This are dual layer disks, so after the first layer.

Is there any way of fixing this? what could this be caused by.

Trying to do this with cloneCD, tried with imageburn and another software, those just stop dumping. CloneCD just drops to 50kb/s speed.

Any way around this? repairing the CD of scratches? or am I screwed?

You could try alcohol 120% and select a very slow rip speed.

I’ve used DVD Decrypter to rip dual-layer DVD’s to my HD & then from the hard drive back to a blank dual-layer DVD.
I use Verbatim 8x dual-layers & Sony 16x DVD-r’s (SL) have burned over twenty, & except for the one I “coastered” (see below), I haven’t misburned yet. I usually burn @ 8x, no matter the DVD media.
NOTE!: When copying dual-layer DVD’s, ALWAYS click on mode button @ top, srcroll down to ISO, & over to read to rip, write to…write.
When I rip & write a dual-layer DVD in file mode, my set-top DVD player gets hung up @ the layer break/switchover point.
So whether 1 or 2-layer reading & writing, just stick to ISO mode.