Dual layer discs

This maybe a stupid question but…
When you burn on a dual layer is there a blip when the laser has to go to the 2nd layer?
I have a number of tv series’ that are 10 parts which I would like on 1 disc although I wouldnt like any ‘fault’ in the recording on the changeover bit if it exists. I can get 8 parts on a 4.7gb disc as I record in LP.
If there is a blip, could I set a recording over the bit would be ‘faulty’ then delete it so the next recording is all on the 2nd layer. I’m assuming here that the deleted part would not show on the contents page once finalised?
Does this make sence :confused:
ps didnt realise that dual layers are not 2x a single layer :o my machine shows a half hour loss.

imgburn (free software) allows you to change where the layer break occurs. Of greater importance is the media you use, especially for DL burning (Verbatim is the media of choice).


I’ve only got the cheap Aone dscs to try my machine, didnt know if it was a DL compatable burner.
Its also a DVR so I cant use the software, I must get round to doing some work on the PC.
I’ll just burn one and see how it looks.

Looks like the standard drive in the 740 does not burn to DL discs, although it recognises them.
Gives available time space ok and writes to them. Unfortunately anything on the 2nd layer is unreadable (thumbnail is grey and the whole unit freezes when trying to play)