Dual Layer Discs

Hello. I am thinking about purchasing a Panasonic DMR-EH75VS because it’s compatible with -DL and +DL. My question is when dubbing a long program from HDD to the disc, can you specify/customize which parts of the program goes on which layer? Or is this done automatically and you don’t have a choice?

I just don’t want even the slightest audio/video loss during the dubbing process when going from the 1st layer to the 2nd.

Thank you for your help. Cheers!

I think it breaks automatically, but i can’;t give you a 100% sure answer. As to layer break - there shouldn’t be ANY loss because it’s all digital - but the problem is that some players stutter or pause at the layer break, or bad burning quality causes read errors and data loss [which means that regardless of where the break is the problem still persists]. From experience, I have to say that you should really only think of buying DVD+R DL for compatibility reasons, and Verbatims for quality, since the others tend to fail more often and have layer break issues.

Unfortunately, you cannot record very long programs unattended on any Panasonic DVD recorder with dual-layer support. You must close the first layer manually before you can begin recording on the second layer; otherwise, the DVD recorder will simply stop the recording process if you exceed the recording time on one of the layers. This will limit you to unattended recordings of only about 55 minutes at a time in HQ/XP mode (about 110 minutes in SP mode).

In fact, most DVD recorders with dual-layer support, regardless of brand, require you to manually close the first layer before you can begin recording on the second layer. Thus, the only way to ensure break-free unattended video recording (unless you want your DVD’s to suffer from degraded video quality by using an extremely long-playing mode, with a substantially lower bitrate) is to record the video onto a computer hard drive (using a video capture box or card if necessary), and then use a DVD authoring program on the computer with a dual-layer DVD drive to make the discs.

Reading on the DMR-EH75VS concerning compatability:
"[U]Records[/U] onto DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-RAM"
"[U]plays back[/U] dual-layer DVD-R/+R and CD-R/RW"

ICBW, I don’t think it records d/l. Kinda wierd the description would be written that way. But I know zero about stand alone recorders,

I was off a bit there. My post assumes that the DVD recorder has no built-in hard drive. However, the Panasonic DMR-EH75VS that the thread starter is considering has a built-in hard drive in addition to the DVD recorder drive. Panasonic DVD recorders which have dual-layer recording capability and a built-in hard drive cannot record directly to a dual-layer disc without first recording the program onto the hard drive. In the case of the DMR-EH75VS and the DMR-EH55S, if you’re going to use dual-layer media to record, you will have to record your program onto the built-in hard drive first.

That Panasonic recorder can record onto dual-layer media; however, the program must be recorded onto the built-in hard drive first. As I said before, you cannot record a program directly onto a dual-layer disc; direct “off-the-air” recording capability is limited to single-layer media.

As for the breaks, the DMR-EH75VS switches layers automatically. :slight_smile: On the other hand, Panasonic DVD recorders without a built-in hard drive cannot automatically switch between layers; each layer of a dual-layer disc must be closed manually, limiting the unattended recording time to a bit less than regular single-layer media.

In other words, if you want a Panasonic DVD recorder and you want to record long programs unattended without requiring picture-degrading LP/EP modes, you’ll have to get a model with a built-in hard drive.

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I have a Panasonic DMR-E80H 80GB HDD/DVD Recorder. But I’m almost certain that it only does double sideded 9.4 DVD-RAM discs. So if you record content onto the HDD you burn then flip your disc to burn the other side.

Does the EH75V differ from the E80H in that it does Dual layer. I didn’t know that any Panasonic models did do dual layer.