Dual Layer Disc's



Please could someone tell me do you need a dual layer burner to use dual layer discs?. I have noticed on the forum that other users have said to use a dual layer disc if you want to copy all the contents of a dvd if they are told that the normal 4.7GB disc wont have room for all the contents. :eek:


You can split the data to two 4.7 GB discs or use DL disc, but ONLY if the burner can support DL media.


Thanks furballi and to all members who help us all along the way. :iagree:
Cheers all. :bow:


Speaking of dual layer discs…what is the cheapest you guys have found them? I think $5.99ea US is what I have seen if you buy like a 30 pack. :frowning:


Here in Germany,

i use Platinum DL Disc. Costs 3.49€ per Disc.
Verbatim DL Disc costs around 7€ per Disc.
Play fine in my DVD Players with DVD-Rom Booktype


As you can see here in england we still pay over the odds, tax after tax after tax. :frowning:
Verbatim 8.5GB Double Layer DVD+R9 - 1 Disc
Price: £4.40
£5.17 inc VAT



I’ve been able to find them for as low as $2 per disc. If you check on Amazon and also Meritline, you will find them for that price.


This weeks Office Max flyer advertises 10 pack Verbatim 2.4 DVD+ for 19.99 U.S., plus local sales tax. In my case that is 8.75% for total of $ 21.74 or 2.17 per disk.
You can take the ad and have somebody price match it if no local Office Max in your area. It’s also present on their Web site.