Dual Layer discs down in price?



I have noticed a few sites selling DL discs for just over £2 each, which is around $3. Was there a sudden drop ? Anyone know if this trend will continue ? As they are getting close to the price which makes them worthwhile.

One site (10 pack for £23) : http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/acatalog/Double_Layer_DVDR.html
Another (5 pack for £11) : http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/product.php?lang=&product_id=2535&session=401055e713a850d6a7a9c06afbc96a19

I like the fact you can buy them in tubs of 10 inkjet printable now.


Good 2,4x DL discs (as Verbatim) following slow price drop due copyright price tax (but upcoming 4x DL media are in the corner too)
Doubt quality media (as post Datasafe brand) were always in cheap balance in price -15% than Verbatims,Ricoh etc


I think the Datasafe brand in this case though are Ritek DL, so far they have worked fine for me. What is the copyright tax ? Will that always cause higher prices, or just on high branded media ?


Well Philips and MCC plan to skip 4x and will probally just make the next standard 8x. I know that other manufacturers first are planning 4x media.
But point is the current MCC/MKM media is of good enough quality to overspeed up to 6x and maybe even 8x the competition however has problems with there current media.
Since Ritek traxdata can be found for 4 euro. I’m not that suprised that a questionable brands as Datasafe and Ridisc can sell at 3.5 euro.


I don’t know if it is true but I was told the Datasafe DL discs use the Ritek dye, the same as the RiDiscs, the D01 dye.


PLease people stop with makeing crap as Ritek dye. You don’t know the dye by looking at the mid.
MID is not dye !!!
Maxell (USA 16x DVD+R) with PHILIPSC16 code uses a PHilips stamper for production but is made by CMC and has [b]FUJI[b] OXONOL dye.

Also you can’t know the (quality) grade by MID alone.


well i picked up a few 3pack of verbatim at compusa for 4 dollars a disc a while back, best sale price yet for them :slight_smile:

i hope they fall to that price soon tho without sales


I will think about DL media when they can run at x12. :slight_smile:


The DL stuff is great for combining 2 disk feature films. It doesn’t matter how fast as much as what can it do, AFAIC. Here’s a scan from one such film (verbatim):