Dual Layer Discs damaging DVD Writer?



Hi all,

I’ve been having a problem burning Dual Layer DVDs. I’m now on my third DVD writer (a Philips DL Model 1620K/00) after going through two Emprex models. When trying to burn a DL DVD using Tradata brand disc (Ritek made) each machine has reported a “Hardware Error” during the burning process and after that the drives refuse to read or burn any further discs of any type. The PC and “Disc Info” utlity all report “No media inserted” yet the drive appears to be still functioning. You can insert a blank CD or DVD and it registers as such, yet still reports “No media inserted”, even if its a full disc cd/r or shop bought.

Is there any way the DL blank discs could be causing some damage to the laser rendering it unusable for burning after the “error”.

Any advice on the best DL discs to use (Seems to be only Traxdata & Verbatim brands around at the moment) or your own experiences with Dual Layers writers would be welcome!

Update: Now of 4th drive ! (same Philips model as above) and on install displays exact above “No media” symptom the first time I try to use it. Won’t recognise any type of discs or burn a thing…now I’m really stuck!!

Seriously thinking of ditching the DL burner type and go back to my old Pioneer 106D…at least that works!


Well if you’re on a whole new burner and the first thing it gives you is the same error and you haven’t even done anything yet, what does that tell you? It says to me it’s a high probability it’s in your setup, whether software or maybe hardware (like your cable, but not burner). I suggest making sure you have a blue plug cable or ultra cable and maybe it’s time to do a clean install. If you’re running a nforce board you need to run MS IDE drivers, not nforce drivers, not until you’re up to B7P9 or higher burner firmware. What firmware version do you have? If it’s not a BenQ firmware maybe you should patch it to actual BenQ firmware. Are you sharing your BenQ with another device, maybe you should make it the sole device/master until you get the bugs worked out.

Also it’s pretty well know that the only reliable burning DL disk out is Verbatim.

Hope this helps.


Which software are you using to burn DL disc? Definitely give Verbatim a try.


Use Nero…just put drive in second backup PC…and used it to do clean reinstall of WinXP, which went fine…haven’t tried burning yet…I will try it when I get some Verbatim discs as they seem to be the most popular DL disc…a gy in the PC shop tried to tell me that Dual Layer Drives and Double Layer Drives, as my Philips says it is on the box, are not the same and you need to get the correct discs for the drive…is this true?


Well I’ve heard of dual format drives which means it burns + and - disks and then there’s dual layer drives. If yours is a 1620 clone, then it’s both. You also need to see what firmware you’re using and post back. You may need to update to the latest firmware.


Are your optical drives recognized in Windows Explorer?


Yes, the DL media must be supported by the firmware in the burner. 1620 should work with 16X DL Verbatim media.


oops me thinks furballi made a typo there :iagree:


Big time…2.4X or 4X


Never heard of that … there is only one kind of DVD-9 = 8.5GB in 2 layers. There are different methods of production, though. And then, there are “double sided” discs (only know those from dvd-ram, cartridge, so far) which you can turn over like old C64 floppies back then :slight_smile:

So I would say, no - DVD Dual Layer 8.5MB is Dual Layer and there is nothing else. Maybe DVD-R DL are called double layer? Havent seen any of them so far.

But if you count all layers a dvd really has (polycarbonite carrier, dye, reflector, scratch protection, printable label) I think all those discs are at least 4 layer or more … :smiley:


Thanks for advice so far everyone…especially on the conensus that Dual Layer/Double Layer/DL or whatever are one and the same. I have yet to try burning a DL DVD with the new Drive in the second PC (or any disc for that matter yet!). I want to get hold of some Verbatim discs as I’m convinced the Traxdata ones are part of the problem. The current firmware in my Philips DVD 1620K/00 is vP2.2 and is reported in Windows XP Device Manager as a model DVDR1640P which I believe is correct for this model.

I’m reluctant to upgrade the firmware before burning a disc in case I damage anything, although I did upgrade the firmware to vP3.2 sucessfuly on the previous Philips I had…but I don’t know if this is what caused my problems.

I’ve got the drive in a second PC with a new clean install of XP on it. Set as the Master drive alongside an old Creative Labs 6x DVD Rom drive as slave. I was told power calibration could also be the root of my isssues, but I’ve now way of putting this drive on it’s own molex connector…short of removing the C/Labs DVD which I don’t really want to do. The power supply in the PC is 400W - Processor Athlon 1.2Ghz with 512Mb Ram.

Any more suggestions or advice would be welcome. I don’t want to damage this drive which is apparently working at the moment as I doubt I’d get another exchange or refund!


My son had an old Creative Labs 6x DVD Rom drive as slave on his similar computer. He removed it and left the writer as master by itself on connector. His intermittent problems although different from yours disappeared.