Dual layer disc data copy - easy?

I have been asked if I could copy a dual layer data disc next week for a work colleague who doesn’t have a DL burner. I have DVD ROM and NEC3520 and a Verbatim DL blank disc. I have latest version of Nero, is it as simple as putting the original in and clicking COPY disc?

Does it need saving to HDD first or what options do I need to select? I can’t afford to waste DL discs.


What is the DVD you are copying?


There should not be too much of a problem, as Nero just sees the disc as a big DVD and it will complain if you try to put too much info on the disc.
To be on the safe side, untick “On the fly copying” and make sure you have enough hard disc space for an image of the disc, then burn at the lowest speed you can (and don’t use the computer for anything too intensive, such as playing games).

Bottom line: When it comes to data discs, Windows sees a DL DVD as a big DVD, and a DVD as a big CD, so the same rules apply for all :slight_smile:

anyone here tried the DL dvd’s for movies? I heard that they are very finicky and may only play in the machines(pc’s) that have the same type of drive that made them…

in car sat nav dvd

I’ve got 90gb of free space and I wasn’t going to have anything else running at the same time. I’m having no problems using DVD Shrink and Nero with DVD-R’s. Never used a DL disc before to write to, hence my questions.

I’ve never heard that one before, but I have heard of several older DVD players that won’t read any type of DVD-R’s, of any type, as the laser pickup can’t read the short pit depths.

Just go for it and best of luck :slight_smile:

thats a tricky 1, there has been a few threads about sat-nav but i don`t think anyones done it yet.

you could try dvddecrypter, see if it will create an iso image of the disc. if that doesn`t work you could check out the dvddecrypter forum.