Dual Layer Data



Up until now, I’d only been using DL media for DVD movie backups to reduce the wear on some of my rarer movies and also to circumvent region encoding for my set top boxes.

Now I’ve got about 7.5 GiB of data I’d like to burn to a Verb DVD+R DL. I know SL media is recommended over DL for important data, which is why I have this data backed up elsewhere. But, for convenience, I’d like to have one DL disc with this data all in one place.

I’ll get to my question. I know I’ve been getting some batches lately where the whole disc scans near perfectly except for atrocious results around the layer break. So, is it possible to use the extra space on the disc to pad the area around the layer break with dummy sectors? I’d like to keep the disc usable for as long as possible, despite the data being replaceable.


I doubt this will work without an app you have to write first.


Darn. I guess my little problem isn’t as common as I thought it was.

Oh well, I just remembered I have a few Verb DL discs stashed away that were leftover from an older batch. I was gonna save them, but I suppose if I’m not gonna use them, there’s little point in having them.


It’s possible to set “priority” for files and folders with some burning programs (e.g. Nero Burning ROM) and ISO image editing tools (e.g. UltraISO). If you’re careful and willing to set the priorites manually, you can make sure that an unimportant file, which could be a dummy, file is located at the layer break.

This is going to be a lot of work if the DVD is going to contain lots of files.

I don’t know of any other way to accomplish this with DL media.