Dual Layer copying



Sorry if this question has been asked b4!!!

I have just purchased a new laptop with the Nec ND-6500A Dual Layer Drive in it
I am right in thinking that i can make a 1 to 1 copy of a dual layer dvd with this drive?
What is the best method of doing this???
e.g.for dvd movies etc???




Yes, you can do it - if you can afford the media!! Good option is DVD Decrypter - ISO Read mode, then ISO Write mode.


thanks 4 info!!!



just some food for thought, as dl blanks are $8-10 each and quality sl blanks can be had for .40…

save a few $$$ and back it up to to 2 sl disks. rip it with dvd decryptor, then split it with dvdfab (free version)…

also, don’t discount compression/re-encoding. many times i can use dvd shrink to grab just the main movie and re-encode it with no compression.


What does en-coding mean??
I think that might be related to a problem I had - I burned a copy of the DVD Movie “Heist” using 1Click Copy, reading it onto my HD first, then writing while also running AnyDVD. It told me that since the movie is larger than standard DVD (it was 5.3GB) that I should just burn the movie without all the extras, menu, etc…I did that, and when I was done, it played fine on my computer DVD player, but when I put it into my Toshiba DVD player (Home system, not computer), it said "Disc Error’ and would not read it at all. Could someone help??

I just bought the new DELL, with NEC 3450A DVD Burner. I tried to use CloneDVD2, and it would not work, that’s why I used 1Click to burn it.

Any ideas are really appreciated! I am stuck and don’t know what’s going on with this.

Thanks again!!