Dual Layer copying problems--FAQs and Forums read but no success :(

“Original Gangsta”–I was trying to be cool and hip even though I am a computer nerd and old. “Old Grump” is more fitting I suppose!

I will download Plextools from the Plextor website when my Verbatims get here and I make another serious run at it. I have not even fooled with it, as it seems pointless without the right media.

Thank you for the attention guys. Then again, I have found writing complete sentences and avoiding “HELP!!! PLEASE!!!” as a thread title is usually more fruitful. I will let you know how my Verbatim attempts go later on in the week.

Boy, Memorex must be REAL problematic. I burned a dual layer disc of data files to take the office, and only my high-end laptop can read it. None of the other laptops in my group can. :frowning: All my home PC’s (with DVD drives) can read it… maybe I’m doing something else wrong?

While patch updates should be provided on the Plextor website, the original program comes on the cd that came with your burner.

Pure junk imo

Verbatims are finally here… gonna open the box and give it a go!

Well it looks like I made a successful copy, my son is in there watching it on the living room player right now. I used Verbatim DVD+R DL, and just the DVD Fab Platinum software. However, I got a message from it saying I should update, so perhaps it was the update… However, I’m more inclined to say it was the media though. Considering the expense, I may not do very many dual layer copies.

Thank you to all who responded to my post and gave me advice and help. Should I encounter any more trouble I will let you guys know. This is a high quality message board with great posters. Thank you club cd freaks!

Glad it’s all going well now & that we were able to help.