Dual Layer copying problems--FAQs and Forums read but no success :(

Hello all from a newbie,

I read through the newbie forum, but decided there was not much help for this there, and decided to bring it here as there are far more vague posts than mine here.

I am sure you are inundated with this plea of help, but I attempted to search for this topic with the search utility and what I did find was of no help. In short, I am having extreme difficulty burning dual layer movies that will play on a standalone DVD player. I can burn single layer DVD’s just fine using DVDFab, DVDShrink, and Nero (my typical way of doing things for the last few years).

My situation: I have recently attempted dual layer burns, but all 5 (3 standalone and 2 portable) of my DVD players spin out of control during the later chapters of the movies, often getting the “Operation Not Available” message. There is a lot of spinning, whirring, squeaking, and dying, as you might imagine. They oddly enough play just fine in my various computer DVD drives (at least 4 of them).

I have tried three arrangements of software to no avail: DVD Fab-Decrypter/Nero 7, DVDFab-Platinum, and making an ISO or VIDEO_TS folder set and trying to burn with IMGBurn (using the guide step-by-step from its website). Also, when authoring my own DVD’s with Nero or Roxio I can not burn to dual layer either (single layer just fine). I have gone through about 30 Dual Layer discs–so I am tossing a few bucks away on each attempt. I briefly tried the Slysoft products and realized I was getting the exact same results and ditched them. I understand that the media I am using is not great (the dreaded Memorex) and I should be using Verbatim, but the law of averages says if it were the media I would have at least ONE success by now, right?

I am using a pretty decent Plextor drive (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827249006) with updated firmware–I have never created a coaster (remarkable but it is true) with this drive until attempting dual layer movies. The dual layer data discs I have burned have worked on any PC I have come across.

I have looked at the website videohelp.com, but could not find anything that addressed my particular problem.

My question is, do you know what I am doing wrong, or possess knowledge of a highly successful process or software?

Before anyone jumps on me, I BOUGHT DVD Fab platinum and Nero and my motivation is to make copies of movies for my kids when we go on trips (we travel a lot). I bought Shrek twice and now will never do so again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Firstly with Memorex as you realise the chances of success are slim. They’re just not worth the trouble & no app you use will have any more success than you already get.

There aren’t many movies that can’t be backed up to a single layer DVD, especially for the kids when you’re travelling. I tend to use DVD Shrink and with Deep Analysis the results are very viewable. If I had a very large TV I might take a different view about this.

Are you advising me to a) never back up to dual layer or b) try what I am doing with Verbatim media? Also, was there anything wrong with what I described? Thanks for the reply though.

I can’t advise you what to do really, save to say that I’ve backed up several hundred DVDs and only used 2 dual layer Verbatims so far. Once all but the main movie and the most appropriate audio stream have been removed most DVDs require a relatively low amount of compression to fit an SL disk. The likes of The Aviator and other 2 1/2hr + movies are the exception.

To backup a complete DVD I’d rip to an ISO image with DVD Decrypter & then burn with that or ImgBurn. This way you can be certain that the layer break point has been maintained.

Thread moved to appropriate forum.

  1. Memorex = Bad. Get Verbatim.
  2. What speed are you even burning them at? Try 4X, if that doesn’t work, try 2.4X.
  3. Your players might just choke on dvd+r dl after the layer change?
  4. You’re not using any sticky labels on your discs are you? Very bad.

My apologies PhilAmber, there were several forums that I thought this could have fit in. I will do better in the future.

Thanks again, TimC for hanging with the thread and replying. I have never had trouble with SL burns, but this DL layer stuff is a challenge. I kind of liked the idea backing up the whole disc with menus and games and whatnot. As in my first post my IMGBurn attempts were futile at best… I’m still searching for Verbatim media though.


  1. I found out way too late Memorex=bad, namely post-purchase! After checking and not finding them at Walmart, Radio Shack, Circuit City, and Best Buy I have decided to order some verbatims from meritline.com.
  2. I was foolishly burning at max for the first 5 or 6 tries, but since I have been burning at 4x and then 2.4x.
  3. I really think that’s where the players choke, as it is always the later chapters (about the last half of the movie) that flake out. I’ve tried backing up my two Spider-Mans and Shrek (yes I own them).
  4. I am not using labels or stickers. I am just using a disc in its birthday suit. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies gentleman, let me know if I am being vague.


Once you’ve got Verbs (only the +R) you should see a vast improvement.

Of course the burner you’ve got does play an important role in all of this , so what have you got?



My original post is kind of lengthy (in an attempt to avoid getting slammed for not providing enough information) so it probably got lost. My drive is a Plextor, you can see its specs here:

It has been updated to firmware 1.06 (from 1.02–no change in results). I have a fair amount of confidence in it as all the dual layer [I]data discs[/I] I have made have held up and it makes single layer movies like a champ–I do not recall a single coaster with this drive like I have made with my NEC drives in my laptops and other tower.

If I DVD author (from AVI/MPG) using Nero I can burn to single layer discs, but not dual layer. Perhaps it is the media, I should know in a few days when my order arrives.

Thank you again,


I did see what burner you had earlier but forgot & didn’t bother to re-read the post again.

Let us know how it goes.

I can 99% guarantee that your problems will go away when the Verbs arrive! :wink:


I will follow up next week, I reckon. Thank you for your help and your attention. It’s nice to know that there are people out there willing to share knowledge. :bow:

Thanks for the encouragement Whisperer1.

TimC (or anyone else), if you (ya’ll) are still game I will send screen shots of what I am doing, and will open up my process to critique.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

If it helps at all, I had the same exact problem as you. I attempted about 10 burns on DL Memorex discs. Not a single one worked. The Law of Averages does not apply to crap like this. As soon as I switched to Verbs, everything worked fine (with the odd disc here and there producing a bad burn).

Good luck!


In the OP’s case, use Plextools for bitsetting changes

Hi Webslinger1,

I am not sure what you meant by the last sentence, could you explain? (I assumed you meant setting the booktype to DVD-ROM but I just want to make sure–what does OP mean?)

Also, thank you for the link to the other post. Those are the Slysoft products, right? I tried the eval versions of those products with the same results. I will try the “free” stuff with all the steps with the Verbatims and see how that goes, if that does not work I will try those thing again. I just do not want to keep buying software.


OP = Original Poster = You.

Yes. You, of course, do this through Plextools.

Also, thank you for the link to the other post. Those are the Slysoft products, right?

Yes. The free stuff will work fine–just more slowly. I merely offer this as an easier and faster solution (but certainly, a more expensive one).

I agree with those who mentioned verbatim DL discs (if you’re going to use the solution I suggested, then use Verbatim +R DL discs).

Not as good as being an O.G., I suppose, but I have no street cred.

I set the book type through one of the other burning tools (IMGburn I think, although Nero has an option for that)–is that no good or am I over-thinking it?

It would be better to set the booktype with the software supplied by Plextor. I’ve used Benq tools for my Benq & Liteons for my Liteon.

The only time I set it with ImgBurn , Nero etc is when the firmware doesn’t allow for a permanent setting, like with LG.

My ignorance now , what is an O.G?