Dual Layer compatible DVD-player



First of all I would like to say that I’am from Sweden…so pardon my English.
I have recently start to burn Dual Layer DVD’s and now it seems like my Philips DVP720SA can’t read the Dual Layer DVD’s.
Soo…now I’m asking all of you if you can recomend any DVD-player that CAN play this kind of DVD-media.
I have looked into the Pioneer 575 and I’ve read the www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers list.
But I realy would like some feedback from you guys about this…

All answers would be much appreciated!


Hei Cohen,

Philips DVP720SA has a lot of other problems too. So, I would recommend to buy Pioneer DV-575A. It plays DVD DL media! And it is considered to be the best DVD player in its category.

I have had Philips DVP720SA for 6 months. Got fed up with all the bugs it has, so returned it and bought a Pioneer DV-575A. Well… the difference is huge.

Please, feel free to ask any questions concerning Pioneer or even Philips, I will gladly answer all of your questions as I happen to know these models in and out. :slight_smile:


This i great!
Another person who knows my problems!!
Yeah…I realy start to belive that it all depends on the Philips DVP720…
I tried the DL-DVD’s on my parents player…and they’ve got the cheapest crap money can buy…lol
And they worked!?
Not perfect but they worked!! I couldn’t belive it…here they got a old lousy dvd-player and the DVD’s are playing!!
Had a little problems at the layer switch…and some laging at the menu-part…but that could maybe depend on the media…or of course the dvd-player.
But it sounds great that you are happy with your new Pioneer! Looks like I’m about to get me one to now!
What other problems have you had with the DVP720?
And have you noticed any bugs with the Pioneer?

Thank you very much for your answer!
I realy appreciate it!


Hei Cohen,

Well, I had a lot of (subjective and objective) problems. Here we go:

  1. The third day I had to return the Philips. It was faulty. Got a replacement.
  2. The remote control is ugly and far from being practical with shortcomings like lacking an eject button.
  3. The player looks cheap with the glossy plastic front and tray. Buttons are “fashionably” designed, but difficult to make out because of the reflection on the glossy surface. And the “multichannel diod”'s blue light can bother some people watching the movie. You can not dim it.
  4. It takes too much time for the player to let you insert a disc (you can do it after the panel displays “loading”). I found it annoying.
  5. Picture is very good to my mind, like the sound. But there is a problem of multichannel-2channel selection as it can not remember the setting. It is always set to multichannel.
  6. If you watch it carefully (and the blue “multichannel” diod that you can not dim, LOL) you can always notice when it changes chapters. It can be annoying too.
  7. First real problem started after some months watching a movie with forced subtitles. There was a white stripe behind and on the left side of subtitles. It turned out to be a bug of the original v24 firmware. I was adviced to upgrade the firmware to v33. I did it from the official site of Philips.
  8. The main problem which led me to the final decision of returning the player for good was that my backups started to skip and freeze. It turned out that it was a bug of v33.

Actually when I bought it I made a compromise because the Pioneer was not available at that time. I made a mistake, though tried to convince myself that Philips is also a good choice.
There are many more problems known and discussed in Forums all over the net, like subtitles in DivX, etc.

So, I think it would be a very good decision to replace it with the Pioneer that is considered to be the best player in this category. No problems with it, it is different, more reliable, sophisticated and so on.

And just an interesting observation: Forums on Philips DVP720SA are at least twice as big as on Pioneer. No wonder why. :wink:

What is better in Pioneer (subjective view in a nutshell):

  1. Overall design (solid and practical) of the deck and the remote control.
  2. All-in-One capabilities, i.e. playing DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, DivX, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD DL, etc.
  3. Reliability, precision of the laser calibration as well as error-correction capabilities.
  4. Picture quality, best I have ever seen in this category.
  5. It is equiped with Tamura high quality electronic components (World’s number one in its field).


Hey alex thyl!

Thanks again for your quick reply.

Hmm…yeah…I recognize the issues you’r posting…just make me even more confident in replacing the player.
A friend uses the Pioneer 575 and is very satisfied.
I’ll bring the DL-DVD’s to the Audio/Video store next week and test them on the Pioneer.
If everything looks ok…I think I’ll go for it.
Then I’ll try to dump the Philips-player on a not-knowing-friend…


Good idea to check the player in the shop. Check it with all type of discs (DVD-/+, RW, DivX, SACD, DVDA, etc.) that are important for you.

Pioneer DV-575A plays all type of DivX movies with subtitles and plays DVD DL media with firmware version 2.09. So, check that also (method: turn on > Home Menu > Initial Settings > Options > Display). This will show the region code of the player as well.

Good luck, mate.


So if it’s not updated…I need to update the player firmware to 2.09 to be able to watch DVD DL-media?
I tried to find something about the update at Pioneers homepage but did’nt realy find any firmware to download. But there was some folder you cold fill in to get a free update-disc…maybe that’s it?
Or can you download the firmware for Pioneer somewhere else?

Thanks for all the support!
I realy appriciate your help!


I am sure that the player is distributed with the new firmware. At least in Scandinavia :wink: it is sold with firmware version 2.09 (production date: 2004. november).

If by any chance you get hold of a player that has an earlier version, the new firmware can be downloaded. I will help.


That sounds great!!
I’ll try to make it to the store tomorrow…and try the DVD’s.
And maybe even buy the player!


Good luck, Cohen.

You won’t regret it. Philips is no match for Pioneer. :wink:


That mirrors the most experiences with cheap players exactly.
I tried a DL burnt in my Pio108 with my old SEG DVD 2000 and it worked fantastic. That player is 4 years old and wasn’t that cheap at the time I bought it but it’s great to see DL working with it…


Yesterday I went to the store and tried the DVD’s and just like you said alex thyl the Pioneer had no problems reading the discs!
I have a friend who works at the Audio/Video store and he said that the Pioneer 470 also plays the DL-DVD’s and are about 1000 SEK (About 145 USD) cheaper.
The only differance was the DVD-audio function…
So…now I’m wondering if I should buy the cheaper Pioneer…or buy the 575.
Don’t realy know what the DVD-audio function does…he said something about it’s used when watching Concerts-DVD’s.

Never the less…I’m getting me a Pioneer player!

Chef: Yeah! Old players playing new media even new players can’t play…
That’s pretty whacked…


I am glad you tried the player. What concerns the choice: it depends on your needs.

These are the features of DV-470: http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/product_detail.jsp?product_id=8569&taxonomy_id=62-84


I’ll check the features out on the players and compare them so I’ll know what I will be left without if I choose the 470.
The real question is if the money I will gain buying the 470 is worth it in performance.


I think there are two main differences:

  1. Lack of DVD-Audio and SACD playing capability.
  2. Lack of internal Dolby Digital and DTS decoders.

The rest is almost the same.


Yeah…I think so too…
Have you had any use of thoose features?
I’ve got a Yamaha 430 RDS reciever and acording to my friend at the Audio/Video store it’s a ok reciever…so I think I won’t be needing the internal Dolby Digital and DTS decoder…
But then it’s the DVD-Aduio and SACD…have you had any experiance using these features?


No, Cohen. never tried and never will. For me a DVD Player is for playing movies. :iagree:
And I use the internal decoders with S-V50N-K Pioneer Home Theatre Speaker System (built-in amplifier).


This week I baught Pioneer 575a. Reason for that is that some idiots broke into my house and stole my Pioneer 565a. So my logical decision is to buy the player I am satisfied with it.

But, there is one difference that makes me very sad: in my old Pioneer 565a I never had problem to access mp3 files with numeric buttons from the remote controller. Thats the reason I burned all my mp3 CDs with filenames:
01 Something
02 Something
(up to)
99 Something

(all in the root directory)

…and when I want to listen song no 63, I simple press 6 + 3 on numeric keypad and I enjoy.

On my new Pioneer 575a it does not work. First, CD is not recognised as MP3 disk, on the players display appear DATA disc. But, when I use disk navigator, I can access all mp3 files. So I must scroll (63 times!!!), select the track, and play. Too slow way.

Is it something about firmware?

Is there any solution (maybe I should burn the CD different way)?

If someone could help me, it would be great.

Sorry for my bad english.



What is the version of your firmware? (To check: Menu > Initial Settings > Options > press Display)

The player recognizes the disc, but it was designed to use “disc navigator” with certain type of discs, like CDs with JPG, VCD, SVCD, MP3, etc.

I will try to check myself what might be the solution, though I never use my device for music CDs.


Hi Alex, and thanks for your reply.
Firmware version is 2.09, so this is the latest official version as I know. It is normal because I bought it couple days ago.

I understand that one solution to access files via Disc Navigator, but I really dont understand why Pioneer cut the option accessing files via numeric buttons. Pioneer 565a was great with that, but I could not find it on the market.
Pioneer 565 recognise the MP3 CD as “MP3 disc”, CD with jpegs as “JPEG disc”, and if you have both file types on 1 CD, you have an option (in the Settings menu, if I remember correctly) to set priority, so you can choose between jpeg or mp3.
Pioneer 575 recognise the disc as “data disc”, even if it contains only mp3 files.
So, the point is how to force the player to recognise the disk as MP3 disk. But, I am not an optimist about that.

I posted this question on many forums, but no one answered me. Probably the people who have 565 does not want to buy new 575 only for DivX (I agree with that, 565 is a great player, and if it wasn’t stolen to me, I wouldn’t buy 575), so not many people have expirience with this problem.

So, again, thank Alex, even if result would be nothing.