Dual Layer burns with PX716A

i have a feeling that Plextor concentrated a lot on the quality of DL burns on the PX716. from what i’ve read/seen, my DL burns are MUCH better than 95% of those done with other drives (using Verbatim 2.4X DL)…even at 4X.

have any of you done DL burns with your PX716 and scanned them (other than Breeders in another thread)? my PIE maxed around 25 whereas im seeing most other DL burns in the 3-digit PIE range.

i know the discs are expensive, but hopefully some of you have tried DL.

would definitely be interested to see more DL scans. thanks.

my scans:

compared to:

I dunno. They look like awfully good scans to me! I’m not trying or buying at $7-8 a pop though, when the others are $0.40 ea.

i know, right, so damn expensive…might as well go out and buy a 2nd copy of the DVD instead.