Dual Layer Burning

Hi all,

I’ve been burning single layer dvds for a long time. I’m just purchase a Sony burner that burns dual layer dvds. I purchased some Ritek RiData Dual Layer DVD-R to use with the DL burner.

I currently use dvd decryptor to rip original dvds, then try using dvd shrink to copy it to DL DVD-R.

I encountered quite a few problem during the process.

  1. I tried ripping the dvd to VOB files like I used to do, but is there anyway that’s simplier? I’m trying to rip it to ISO instead, but then dont know what to do with it afterwards.
  2. I tried using DVD Shrink 3.2 to burn my ISO to burner, it actually starts encoding. Does burning ISO still needs encoding? Then when the encoding is finished, the burner eject my dvd-r dl saying that my disk is ML Disk and it’s looking for a DVD? what’s ML disk and how do I get DVD Shrink to recognize it.
  3. What’s the easiest way to just copy DVD9? I would have thought without compressing, it should be easier, but it’s anything but…

Thanks in advance!!
blue bunny

Hi & welcome.

Rip with DVD Decrypter to an ISO image and then burn the image with the same app or ImgBurn.

Best of luck with those Ritek -R DL disks.

Hi BluBunny
ML means Multi Layer eg:your dual layer dvd’s.
If u prefer using shrink, goto settings and set to ISO, then burn with Nero, or any other software that burns ISO Images to dvd.
If u use Nero, when your ISO is ready, right mouseclick on the ISO and tell it to open with Nero, it will take u 2 the burn stage automatically. By the way my Sony burns BulkPaq 16x & Datawrite Titanium 16x at 18x Speed.

This is probably the easiest and fastest solution than using free programs that require you to rip to your hard drive first (in fact, if you want to, you can burn on the fly, although I don’t recommend doing so):

Use Anydvd + Clonecd + Verbatim+R DL discs (ensure your burner supports bitsetting changes)

There’s no ripping to your hard drive first–and then loading the rip into a burning app (or having to switch apps) . . .

You just run Clonecd and click a couple times–and you get a perfect backup that retains the original layer break position (provided you’re using +R DL discs). Simple, fast, and no headaches.

This isn’t a free solution, but it’s one of the easiest (if not the easiest and fastest). Decrypter/Imageburn will work–but more slowly (and with more steps).

Since you already have Decryptor, there no reason to reinvent what you’re doing. Just rip in ISO mode and burn the same ISO with Decryptor, this method is fool proof and gives you an exact copy.

The only reason to rip in file mode would be if you wanted to play the video from your hard drive. Even Shrink will open an ISO if you want to shrink it.

The Ritek DL media will be a problem sooner or later, get some Verbatim.

I did rip one of my dvd to ISO with decryptor, but i have trouble burning it to the burner. it keeps on telling me that i need to put in a dvd instead of a ML disk. is there anything in the setting that i need to mess with? i tried using decryptor to burn the iso, then tried dvd shrink burning w/ nero, non of them worked.

and if i have a it ripped to file, how will i burn it to dvd9?

hi cdan, you were right. i finally burned with dvdfab, 3 dvds, none of them are readable by my oppo. not even my pc… but it didn’t have any error while writing tho. i think these dl disc are going back!!