Dual Layer burning with the benq1640

I wanted to start a poll to find the best way to burn dual layer media on the benq 1640…

I’ve tried 4 Verbatiim DL burns so far. The first was at 8x WOPC off but the 2nd layer burned at 4x. The next two were at 4x WOPC on and failed at 30% and 32%. The last was at 4x WOPC off and completed ok.

Based on my experience so far, WOPC is staying off… The two burns that completed play flawlessly in an old Panasonic standalone and a Philips DVP 642. An older Pioneer DV-37 ES (very high end at the time) freezes at the layer break but otherwise has no issues. You can fast forward or rewind, through the layer break or jump to 1 sec past it with no issues. A Philips 985 +R DVD recorder just says “no disc” and a Playstation 2 V11 (slimline) has freezes in most areas I checked.


Other than a strategy swap with MCSE, can any DL media except MKM 001 be burned at anything except 2.4x?


Only Verbatim can burn above 2.4x. You can swap the write strat with verbatim media using MCSE to allow burning above 2.4x but that seems to be useless since the media cannot handle 2.4x in the first place.

This is good poll IMO, but I think we should be also media specific. :slight_smile:

I just burned a verbatim +r dl at a 2.4 with wopc on and at the layer break, the quality score went down to a zero…wonder what causes this…first layer 95%…I can burn single layer dvds and get 99% quality scores.

DL technology is new, there can be many reasons reasons, I don’t think CD Speed is calibrated for DL yet.

Well when i try to play it in my standalone, it says no disk inserted. When I try to back up the DVD+R DL, it wont read it at all on my computer

Finally got one to burn ok. Burned at 4x with WOPC off…does this look good???

I had problems with my BenQ 1640 with DL burns (they were terrible), so i returned it.

@alan - there are many who have got good quality scores burning DL discs with the 1640, so I do not think the problem is in the CDSpeed software. I could be wrong.

The first DL burn at 8X. Seemed to come out okay for my taste.