Dual Layer Burning with Magic ISO/Nero woes

I cannot burn a lage image file(Dunno what type of image file it is as Nero calls everything an image file) with Magic Iso or Nero.
Thee file is 6GB and Nero resets itself while its in the middle of tryibng to do it.
Magic Iso on the other hand does it, tells me its a sucess but XP tells me the disc is Blank!!!

So what gives?


Has anyone any fool proof methods or are there any tutorials?

I have a Sony RW DW-G120A with the latest Firmware thanks to you guys, my Nero is Pemier 7 and my Magic Iso is 5.4

Are you sure that the 6GB file is really an “image” file?

How did you create it? What extension has it?

OK OK, check this out, so I burnt in with Magic ISO in XP and My XP cannot see it says its a Blank CD (Not even a Blank DVD!!!0

But I’m triple booting (Long story) and Vista 32bit sees it as the file that is should be…it has worked and I can use it…

But XP refuses to see it…what do you think ?

Im not sure what type of file it is, its just called and image file and has burnt to an ISO its 6GB and I downloaded irt from a torrent site…if any of that helps but I doublt it…It seems that XP sees my Sony as a CD thing only and not the wonderful all singing and dancing machine that it is…

To burn an image file usually is not a big issue.

Maybe your problem is due to a bad disc. What brand are you using? For dual layer, I suggest to get only Verbatim, the most reliable discs available in the market.

mmm, that doesnt explain why XP sees my Sony DVD drive as a CD drive…

[QUOTE=eskimosound;2043058]mmm, that doesnt explain why XP sees my Sony DVD drive as a CD drive…[/QUOTE]

But this: windooze has no dvd blanks support and cannot recognize the media, therefore the dvd icon gets “lost”.