Dual Layer Burning Problem

My burner isn’t on the list, I have an LG GH22NS30.

It’s a new burner, and I’m a little frustrated since my old wouldn’t do dual layer either. Is there anything I could be doing wrong? I get “Task 2 Failed! Error=115” every time. I’m using Memorex DL discs.

Please Help! :flower:

00:19:40: Analyzing of DVD started
00:19:41: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
00:19:41: Copy process started
00:47:20: Copy process completed successfully
00:47:20: Burn DVD folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Jenny\My Documents\DVDFab\Temp\FullDisc\A_NEW_HOPE) started
06:37:49: Task_2 failed! Error=115
06:37:50: Process failed!

Memorex is not a top rated media, I would suggest ripping the movie to your hard drive and then try burning it with imgburn, see if that helps.

Thanks, trying it now. Took me a minute to fiddle with the program and set it up for a burn.

Memorex was the only DL media in stock at the local electronics superstore on a Saturday, which is a bad time to go. Recommendations? Cheapie 4.7 DVD media always works for me.

It worked! :slight_smile:

Sort of.

Imgburn’s check of the disc said that the layers weren’t correct. It’s possible I set up the burn wrong. My dvd player won’t read it at all, while my computer reads the menu, then stops playback when I try to actually start the movie.

More fiddling tomorrow, after sleep/work.

Thanks, at least I’ve gotten somewhere!

Go into settings in dvdfab and under protection make sure remove layerbreak is checked. Then when you load it into imburn it will give you suggestion as to where the layerbreak should be, pick one the is as close to a 50/50 split as you can. Also set burn speed in imgburn for 2.4x. Last but not least if you use some 2.4x Verbatim MIS dl disk (check newegg) your problem will disappear.

Error 115=finalization process failed. I agree with Jethro, Verbatim media and ImgBurn will make this problem vanish. Some newer drives do better with the 8X Verb DLs.

Also, I have started leaving the layer break in all my rips that are Full Disc or where the Title I’m backing up will be large enough to be better than 60/40. ImgBurn seems to like this better and they play fine on my standalone.

With that drive I would burn your DLs at 4X. You can also use this if you wish.