Dual Layer Burning Problem?

Using the NEC 3500 i have a blank dual layer Ridata 8.5G and i put the master movie in and open up dvd shrink 3.2 and le it go thru the analysing and then i click on Edit then Preferences and i take it off of DVD-5 4.7GB and put it on DVD-9 8.5GB and then run shrink and when it is done usually dvd decrypter opens up and burns the movie onto the blank but with the dual layer blank in there it comes up with error: I/O error then mentions the device my nec and gives a bunch of numbers ect and i click on retry it comes up with same box but also says cannot write medium-incompatible format. do i have to do something with dvd decrpter also like i changed shrink???

just make an ISO with decrypter and burn with decrypter.