Dual layer burning newbie

Hi all,

I am a newbie when it comes to dual layer burning. I thought I understood all the bitsetting, booktype, etc, but apparently I don’t.

Info about my system:
WinXp Pro, SP2
NEC 3550A, with original 1.05 firmware
DVD Decrypter
Verbatim DVD+R DL media

I just got the 3350A drive yesterday, and wanted to test it. I took following steps.
1.) Using DVD Decrytper, I made an ISO backup of Corpse Bride
2.) I then burned that ISO using Nero Burning Rom, the booktype was set to DVD_ROM.
3.) I tested the burned disc for basic operatability in the following drives/players, with mixed results.
i.) Nec 3550A - recognized the disc, began playing fine.
ii.) Nec 6650A - recognized the disc, began playing fine
iii.) Lite-On 48161H - wouldn’t recognize the disc
iv.) Sony DVD-ROM DDU1621 - wouldn’t recognize the disc
v.) Toshiba standalone player, SD2109, recognizes disc, plays, but has problems where I assume the layer break is, chapter 11, around 0:34:33
vi.) Sony standalone player, DVP-NS775V, recognizes disk,

4.) I ran the burned disc through Nero CD-DVD speed tests, with the following results (see attachments below):

I realize now that I should have burned the disc using DVD Decrypter, using the .MDS file, that probably would have alleviated the issue I noticed around the layer break. But I still don’t understand why the Sony DVD-ROM and Lite-On combo drives wouldn’t even recognize the disk.

I am also planning on flashing the 3550A drive with Dee’s 1.Y5 firmware. Is there anything else I need to know or do to make it work in the cases where it didn’t?

Thanks in advance.

I think you answered your own question.

In step #2 you should have burned the ISO with DVD Decrypter.

I noticed in the middle image that your disc status is “Open”. The disc must be closed to work in some dvd players and/or the drives are too old to recognize the dual-layer discs.

Hi Bluewookie,

I would just add a couple things:
In addition to burning with dvd decrypter (which yields great DL burns btw), you can also use the Img burn app…also developed by Lightning UK. As you know, development of dvdd ended last year…on the other hand, Img will continue to be developed:


Also, when posting a disc quality scan, 4X is the standard reference. I’m pretty new at this as well. I posted my first scan a few weeks ago…yep, it was at 8X… :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought it was 4x for liteon, 5x for NEC, 8x for benq.

the only one i know for sure is 8x for ben q because that’s what I have haha.

Thanks, I did know about ImgBurn, just haven’t used it yet.

I don’t know what you mean about 4x being the reference. Is that something I would set somewhere?

You know reason, now that you mention it, I was on the Liteon forum when I discovered the 4X standard… :doh:

Ooooops…sorry for the bum advice Bluewookie. Well, as the great and powerful OZ once said,"…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…" (that would be me… :p).

If you look at the scan you posted “Disc Quality” > right column note “disc info”, just below note “settings” > “speed” …you’ll see 8X. As per reason’s post, for NEC, you should set for 5X, but maybe you should check for sure.

Thanks, I had no idea what that was for, so I just left it alone.

Ok, so I followed the advice, taking the following steps:

1.) upgraded firmware to Liggy&Dee’s 1.Y5 firmware
2.) I burned using ImgBurn
3.) I made sure the booktype was set to DVD-ROM
4.) I made sure the disc was finalized/closed
5.) I ran the quality tests at both 5x and 8x (see attachments)

My results are better, but still not what I was hoping for.

It played fine even at the layer break on both of my standalones, (Toshiba SD2109, Sony NS775V). It played fine in my NEC 3350A and NEC 6650A.

Now for the problems. In my Lite-on 48161H it played up until the chapter (11) that contained the layer break. Then the software (PowerDVD) gave me an error about the disc, and died. Also, my Sony DVD-ROM DDU1621 still won’t recognize the disc.

Any further suggestions? Thanks.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

this might be time to check the NEC forum and see how others are doing with their DL burns.

the fact that you can actually watch the movie demonstrates a vast improvement…this improvement is also visible in your scans.

my guess is that because of the problematic nature of layer breaks (at least currently) you’ll always have some sort of spike there…it’s just a matter of how big and will it affect the play.

i still vouch for that method as the single best way to burn DL media.

did you have any processes running while burning? and i assume it was burned at 2.4x?

i suggest searching the NEC forums and see what types of results others with your drive are getting and how they’re getting them. I’m not familiar with NECs in particular.

also, there’s no need to run quality tests at 5x AND 8x. NECs scan most accurately at 5x from what I gather. Leave the 8x for us Ben Q nerds :slight_smile:


I didn’t have anything else running while I burned. I believe I burned at 8x. The total time was just over 19 minutes.

I’m very happy with the playback results on my both of my standalone players, and also on either of my burners. I’m just a little concerned that it won’t work on either of my DVD-ROM drives.

MKM 001 are only rated to 2.4x.

that’s a EXCELLENT burn for 8x!!!

seriously, cut down to 4x or even 2.4x and you won’t even see a skip on playback and the scan will look a lot smoother.

ok, but I read in the media forum that while they were only rated at 2.4x that they burn reliably at 8x. I’ll give 2.4x a shot this weekend.

that doesn’t change the fact that they are ONLY rated to 2.4x.

they are designed to perform at 2.4x. the fact that they perform rather well at higher speeds for some people, on some drives, with xome firmware is irrelevant.

i’dsay you did get an excellent burn out of that media at 8x. try it at tis rated speed and you should be very impressed with the result.

My one & only DL burn was with the MKM001 @ 4x on my LG4163B & it gave a great result.