Dual Layer Burning and 3550A

Greetings. I have the 3550A with the latest (1.6) firmware and for some unknown reason I can’t get it to burn DL+R discs without it either getting a write error, “no seek complete”, or “unable to finalize disc.” What makes no sense to me is that I had burned about 12 or 15 discs before this issue started. I’ve tried 2 different kinds of media- same problem with both. I even went as far as to dump windows and do a fresh install- same problem. Help me please- I’m getting tired of making expensive coasters.

:confused: What speed are trying to burn at. Did you recently flash your drive firmware. You could try reflashing your drive firmware. What brand discs are you using. Your not trying to overburn them are you. Does it still burn single layer discs. More details please. :confused:

I did just recently re-flash my firmware and that didn’t seem to help. The media is Ritek and I’m not looking at the other kind so I don’t know that off hand other then its 2.4x max- and I’ve tried burning both at that speed. I’m not trying to do any overburning- for the most part its been around 6 - 7 gigs. The single layer media seems to burn just fine at any speed without problems. I’ve tried burning with both nero 7 and with dvdecrypter.

Did you flash the drive before the 12 to 15 discs or after.

I did the flash afterwards. I had the 1.6 firmware on the drive- burned all those dvd’s successfully - after about my 5th coaster I re-flashed the firmware on the drive hoping that would fix it.

Have you thought about flashing it back to 1.5.

I have not tried that yet- but at this point I’m up for just about anything. I’ll definitely give that a shot - thanks.

try flashing to Dee’s 1.Y6, I flashed to that when I had a problem with DL and have not had a problem since.

here’s the link you’ll need :bow: :bow:

This is crap media and this is the answer to your issues and question.

Why that makes perfect sense. Especially with the first dozen working just fine.

Successful burned means next to nothing.

Scan them for quality, you surely will see how bad they are…

That makes sense- thanks for all your help. What does everyone recommend for media?

Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Super Azo

Great- thanks again so much.

I’m telling you flash to 1.Y6 it will work with your Ritek, even if it is crap media, that way you can use it up. I got some Ritek free and used it up, only 5 DVD’s, but they did work with this firmware. Patatoe has the link, its well worth it.

First of all sorry Potatoe for misspelling your name. I don’t think Taiyo Yuden makes DL, but Verbatim does, so go with the Verbatim it’s the best. By the way 1.Y6 also has speed enhancements as well as Bitsetting, if you have an older stand alone.

I did do the flash- but unfortunately I ended up with one more coaster. I did, however, get a sucessful burn when I turned the speed all the way down to 1x. Its frustrating because its doing this with 2 different brands (Ritek and Matrix) - both cheap I know, but it just seems too odd that I managed to get 10 or 15 good discs off the top of both stacks, and now I’ve run into the bad ones. I’ll snag some Verbatim and hope that I don’t kill as many of those. Thanks again.