Dual Layer burner

Hi guys,

I already made a reearch but i tought i would ask.

Basically i’m after a new DL burner, (just found out my old burner ruined a lot of data …) and i was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction.

I use verbies, will be burning mostly DL, and as everybody else i would put my priority on quality / accuracy of the result, speed is not really important for me.

I’ve read about samsung SH - S203 and Pioneer 115 series… but i’m not sure…

Any advise?

Thanks guys!

Hi gabrymit,
I would choose Pioneer 115 - it is probably the best DL burner available (and very good burner for SL media too, even for the cheap ones).

I would agree with the statement above but read this.


Agree with the Pioneer

Cheers guys.

Three votes are enough for me (and the votes in the thread of the best burner as well ), i’m gonna go for it.

Samlar: I’m not sure why you posted that link, altough, it happens very often, but not my case :).

posted it just to be funny we get this post all the time and you are lucky you only got a few anwers.