Dual layer burn problem

Interesting problem? When I back up a comercial disk (doesn’t seem to matter which one) to a DL blank (I’ve tried 3 different brands and 2 different burners) it burns just fine but it will only play on the computer I burned it. Attempts to play it on my laptop and on my stand alone player get a “no disk” message. How ever when I shrink it to a single layer, or copy it uncompressed to 2 single layer disks, they read just fine in the other players. Any thoughts by anyone?

I have been having problems with DL burns from Customize mode also. My discs show open track, session and disc when examined with ISOBuster or ImgBurn. DVDFab reports them as correctly finalized. These are Verbatim +R blanks MID MKM003. The same files run through ImgBurn burn, finalize and play fine. Mine would also sometimes play on the burner drive. This has been going on for me for the past 4 or 5 versions of DVDFab; I think it is a VSO problem. I have reported it to them but no response. Nothing unusual in the burn log for me, but if you’ll post one of yours we might be able to spot something.