Dual Layer Burn Failure Data BU (LG DVD Rewriter GSA2164D)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG DVD Rewriter GSA2164D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’m trying to backup up data onto 8GB Memorex DL+R DVD using an LG external USB DVD drive [GSA-2164D] and Nero Burning Rom [with last update when still supported] from a Dell 380 workstation running WinXP SP2 w/ 512MB RAM. After first burn failed I uninstalled, reinstalled and reupdated nero from the saved update download. The burn also failed when I tried to use the LG on my Thinkpad X41 [WinXP Tablet SP2] using the bundled Nero Express that came with the LG drive [].
I use Nero so that I can exclude certain file types and so that I can configure for multisession and save the .nri file. Then when I insert the DVD at a later date and open that .nri file, nero IDs any new or modified files and I can update the DVD. This is like doing an incremental or differential BU [I always forget which clears archive bits and which doesn’t.]
Can DLs handle multisession? I configured for multisession but the text report had multisession = false.
I can’t figure out from the text report [hopefully attached] what went wrong. It had “prepare recorder… for write in CUE sheet DAO” and “book type automatically set to DVD-ROM” which seem wrong for a multisession.
The report also mentions a SCSI_ERR & a KEY_HARDWARE_ERROR.
Anybody know what the problem is?
Memorex DLs are not recommended in the forum threads I found googling for DL burn failure but they are the only brand available locally.

My advise is not to use multisession with dvds, either single or double layer. This is simply a road to disaster.

If you must rewrite, use DVDRam, which this LG burner supports.

Do not buy Memorex DL media. Even if it is the only brand available locally. Buy Verbatim DL online if you need double layer media.

This is wrong:

CdRomPeripheral : _NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A atapi Port 1 ID 1 [B]DMA: Off[/B]

Also, you are LOW on memory.
The DL media used is not very much liked by your burner, so get Verbatim DL.

Thanks to Kerry56 and chef for replying.
I haven’t actually been rewriting with my multisessions - I’ve used DVD+R discs. My understanding is that a new TOC is written in the lead in of a new session which has the “addresses” of the unmodified files from the previous sessions. The replaced files aren’t rewritten over, they just lose their addresses in the latest TOC. I haven’t had any problem reading the +R MS DVDs discs burned on one of my computers on the original computer, my other computer or my sister’s or accessing the earlier sessions.
The fact I haven’t been able to come across in my googling is whether DLs can do multisessions. Nero recognized the disc as a DL with its 8GBs and didn’t grey out the MS option, but the failure report had multisession = false. My backup scheme only works with a saved .nri file configured for multisession and I really need the capacity of a DLDVD. If DLs can do multisession, then I’ll order some Verbatims.
I chose the LG because it supports DVDRAM, which is supposed to be more reliable for data backups and using like a floppy/HD. So far I haven’t gotten WinXP [which apparently only recognizes the other RAM format] or Nero [6 had a know problem w/ InCD which the fix-it update did not fix on my computer] to recognize a RAM disc or offer any formatting options. Genie Backup may work with RAM discs - haven’t tried it. I use Genie to back up to my ext HD, but for DVD backups I like to avoid that directory structure you get with back up programs.

I followed the link regarding DMA and read it. I don’t understand it yet. I don’t know what a primary device vs a slave device is or how you can uninstall a channel.
My Dell has a controller + primary IDE channel listed - no secondary. Clicking on the primary channel Device 0 is set to ‘DMA if available’ and Device 1 to ‘PIO mode’ so I guess the LG is Device 1. Is there any way to confirm that Device 1 is the LG?

Your LG is a usb device and won’t show up on the IDE controllers. Don’t worry about dma setting with it. chef was looking at the NEC 1100a that shows up in the log.

You must be the first person I’ve met on the forums who uses mutisession on dvds with no problems. And you’re doing it with Nero which is doubly amazing. One reason I quit using Nero was its complete lack of consistency on multisessions with cds.

I can’t answer your question on multisession on DL media. I would think you would run into problems at the layer break however.

Well, usually my luck in life is of the little black cloud variety, but every once in a while I have the other kind. Nero 6 was pretty disappointing and I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to do what it said it would do. Once they patched it, however, I could do my exclude-certain-file-types, multisession DVDs reliably and efficiently - until my folder sizes got too big. Never could get InCd to work or even get Nero to copy a disc from one drive to the other.
Do you know if DVD and/or DL DVD formats are inherently anti-multisession or if no one has written reliable software for that use?

After more reading I think my "luck’ was due to using Verbatim [Office Depot had a great sale] DVD+R DVDs http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Why-DVDRW-is-superior-to-DVD-RW/

Yes, you were using the very best RW disks around in those +RW Verbatims. The regular +R Verbatim is also an excellent choice (seeing as I may have misinterpreted which one you were using).

If you want more specific information about Nero and multisession, I think you should start a thread in the Nero forum here at cdfreaks. http://club.cdfreaks.com/f48/

I got lost for awhile - can’t believe I last posted in June. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who offered help. I still haven’t resolved the problem. Both Nero9 and Creator 2010 by Roxio per email/phone are supposed to do MS DL burns. If I ever get it to work I’ll try and find the appropriate forum to post the solution.

Hi Annie :slight_smile:

You say the problem persists - did you switch to Verbatim DLs as suggested?

Also, we may still be able to help you out here (either in a different thread, or this one). :slight_smile:

I ordered verbatim DVD+RDL which just came today. I needed to find a sale.

I installed Nero 9’s trial download in preparation for the verbatim DL discs and the installation seemed to go fine. However, it wouldn’t even burn a single-session CD and [funny enough] the only disc Info Tools would recognize as being inserted into the LG drive was the Memorex DVD+RDL. It failed to recognize verbatim CD-R & DVD+R & other brands of CDRW & DVDRW. Even when I was opening files from a previously burned data DVD Info Tools was telling me there was no disc in the drive. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled Nero OEM and emailed Nero for suggestions.

I’m wondering if I would do better w/ Nero 7 or 8. Nero 6 [I have the ultra ed on one computer] was stated to burn DVD-R DLs online, but I couldn’t find anywhere that it said it did DVD+R’s. But if 6 didn’t, I would think 7 or 8 would.

I haven’t found any software other than Nero and Roxio [I know better] that have the Exclude File Types feature and will burn [supposedly anyway] multi-session DVD+RDLs, so I will try out the Nero area and see if anyone has any suggestions / experience / solutions.

Thanks to all for your input.