Dual Layer Burn Errors

Hi, I’m new to all this so please forgive any blatant buffoonery…!

I’m trying to burn a DVD movie using a dual-layer drive and dual layer media but I constantly recieve this error (see below). I get the same error when burning data or video or when using Nero or BurnImage so I guess it’s something hardware related?

E 19:29:00 Failed to Write Sectors 1881984 - 1882015 - Write Error

This always occurs at exactly 50% when starting the second layer.

Burner: Philips DVD 16x ReWriter Internal Drive (DVDR1628K/00)
Media: BulkPaq 2.4x DVD+R DL

IDE set to Ultra DMA2…

Any suggestions?


Blatant buffoonery = Using anything but Verbatim DVD+R DL.

OK thanks - I’ll invest in some. Does the quality of media really make that much difference, i.e. will it completely stop the burning process?

The ImageBurn software has lots of configurable options, from the comm’ used on the bus to the ‘book type’ etc. Are any of these worth playing with or will the defaults generally do nicely? The help is a little light…

Yes, media does make that big of a difference, and Philips/BenQ burners have a known issue with RITEK D01 (used by BulkPaq) writing stopping halfway through the process.

And I’d recommend setting the booktype to DVD-ROM, for maximum compatibility in standalone players.

I think a lot of drives have a known issue with ritek D01. The known issue is, its crappy media that doesn’t burn good (some managed to get it to burn ok but many have not including myself on 3 diffrent burners).
I’ll second the verbatim dual layer recomendation.

Jeez, nice waste of £27! Ok, thanks - I’ve got some Verbatim on order so hopefully that will sort things out.

Thanks again for you help, much appreciated.

Normal Single Layer will do me PERFECTLY…
Good Luck with the Other Discs

What may be causing the error is the layer-break info is not present. That info basically tells the laser when to switch layers while burning. The best way to copy DL movies is in iso mode with dvd decrypter and allow it to create a .mds file. I believe the layer-break is in the .mds file. What i like to do is copy in VIDEO_TS mode because i want to blank fbi warning, extra scenes, etc with vobblanker. After that i load the movie in pgcedit and it allows you pick your own layer-break. I just go with the default. Pgcedit then creates an iso and automatically burns the movie with dvd decrypter or imgburn… So far i haven’t had one fail on me and all of the movies have played fine. Is it a pain in the butt to do it this way? Initially, yes, but when you consider the cost of DL discs a little more time is worth it. This is the guide i used.