Dual Layer Burn Error - Plextor 716SA

I have autostrategy tuned on. Not sure what you mean by update your chipset… do you mean firmware? Yes I have done that.

Its funny you should mention aspi drivers… when I went to nero infotool… it says I have no system aspi drivers installed, just nero’s aspi drivers… could this mean something?? :eek:

Would you recommend getting like adaptecs aspi drivers or something along those lines?

I have Nero and the newer Adaptec aspi drivers installed and the Nero info tool says that they are installed proprely. Nero info tool will also tell you if they are corupted and will cause all sorts of issues with burning. Some one more knowledgeable than could answer your aspi question, but it seems to work for me. As for the chipset drivers I have an ASUS P4C800 Deluxe 875 Chipset,Mobo and have a Maxtor SATA 160 GB drive installed I did tranfser tests with the Mobo drivers and downloaded newer version from intel and the tranfer rate increased from 92 Mbs to 122 mbs, Better transfer between chipset and drive. I doubt that transfer rate is the problem but every little bit is sure to help.

Well… it took over 10 MINUTES to burn a 16x single layer disc (the verbatim disc that came with the drive). It very well could be a transfer issue… which is why I am going to the ide version :sad:

Funny you mentioned the Verbatim disc that came with the drive. Just did a Media Quality check with Plextools and it would only allow me to test it @ 12x not 16x and when the check was complete it states “The drive may not write correctly on the disc at the recording speed you have selected”. A little off the subject but interesting. Good luck with your IDE drive

You’re not the only one who’s seen this! After upgrading my firmware to 1.04u, the first time I inserted a Verbatim 16X DVD+R into my drive (after restarting the PC), media quality check wouldn’t allow me to select speeds above 12X for those MCC004s! Then I did an FE-TE test on the disc, and now it’ll let me do 16X. Weird.

I would agree about the media quality test… HOWEVER, I do have autostrategy turned on which means even if I selected 16x per say in Nero, it should then default back to 12x recommended by the firmware correct? 10+ minute burn plus multiple buffer under-runs would to me suggest a transfer issue…

Quick question. I had a quick look at the previous posts and did not see anywhere that you checked to see if the Plexor is in UDMA 4, In your device Manager Properties. If it is in PIO that would explain some things

Nope, you’re confusing PoweRec with AutoStrategy :wink: Simply said, PoweRec controls the write speed while AutoStrategy controls media that is not listed in the drive’s firmware.

Its a serial ata drive, that questions does not apply. By default serial ata devices should be set to UDMA mode without modifiying any jumper settings, thats why they are so nice =P

I realize that Sata drives have no jumper settings as I own a couple of Sata Hard drives. The question was is it showing proper UDMA in your Device Manager, Windows sometimes has some quirks with Sata Drives


I just received my Plextor PX-716A TLA #0203 burner and put this bad boy into my system tonight… along with 3 test Verbatim 2.4x DL media disks to go along with it. First burn with Nero - 17:36 NO PROBLEMS… second burn from an iso image… 17:05 NO PROBLEMS!!! Need to test some single layer media but I’m sure the results will be the same.

I’m happy and damn this drive is sweet…


I’m not sure if there is a point here. but until Serial ATA becomes more of an accepted transfer type among motherboard/burner/software makers I’m not going to be getting another Serial ATA burner for a while…

Glad to hear it worked out. Enjoy your Plextor.

Well, you’re right in that SATA burners are unfortunately not as plug n play as they are supposed to be so you have to be careful and know that it will work ahead of time when you’re buying AMD; with Intel chipsets there is no issue with the native SATA enabled southbridges. It’s too bad nvidia, VIA, SiS and the respective mobo makers, as well as in the add-in card vendors are so incompetent when it comes to implementing SATA controllers.

I agree with Bar81, but I still had some issue’s with trying to install Windows on my Sata Drive(Hard drive not found). Windows Longhorn should have these issues fixed up I hope!

I wonder if you can install DOS on a SATA drive…