Dual layer Blu-Ray and DVD+R displayed at CEATEC Japan

I just posted the article Dual layer Blu-Ray and DVD+R displayed at CEATEC Japan.

Watch has posted a report from the CEATEC show in
which started today with plenty of information and pictures of new products and
prototypes. Here is a short summary of the most…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6829-Dual-layer-Blu-Ray-and-DVDR-displayed-at-CEATEC-Japan.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6829-Dual-layer-Blu-Ray-and-DVDR-displayed-at-CEATEC-Japan.html)

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DEAR LORD! 50gb and 100gb discs!!! i can really back up my dvd collection now, with enough pitty space 2 back up all my songs hehe :g

They are really for HD-DVD. Usual 2-hour HD video files occupy over 20GB. At first, HD-DVD media will not be as cheap as DVD media. So most people who want to backup their commercial DVD movie titles would want to use single-layer and dual-layer DVD+R/-R media only. In South Korea where HDTV and 100Mbps home internet presence is already strong, the demand for HD-DVD is very real.

100 GB on quad layer blue ray!! :g can you imagine what a quad layer violet ray will hold?!! thats just scary.

layers, layers, layers…gotta love all these layers and the fact u will be able to record onto them all :B

Do these dvd+r dual layer media have to be used with dual layer buners or will the normal dvd+rw recorders be able to burn onto dvd+r dual layer discs? My question is: “Do I have to wait for the dual layer burners if there will be any?”