Dual-layer BD to Blank Single-layer BD Media


My apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I have searched, and found a Blu-ray to DVD guide, but not Blu-ray to Blu-ray.

I currently have a PS3 for playing BD movies, a BD-burner for my PC, blank 25GB BD single-layer media, and AnyDVD HD installed on the same PC.

All I want to do is to make backup copies of my BD movies by putting them onto blank Blu-ray media via the blu-ray burner in my PC. I have figured out how to use AnyDVD HD to rip an ISO to my hard drive, or rip an image of the BD to my hard drive. But getting it back onto a blank BD is the problem as most of the movies I’m trying to image are dual-layer BD’s and therefore the resulting hard drive image is larger than 25GB’s. For DVD’s I used to use CloneDVD and it would nicely shrink movies to fit on single-layer DVD’s, or I would use CloneDVD to copy half the movie onto one blank DVD and half onto another.

There doesn’t seem to be anything comparable to Clone DVD out right now, so I’m not sure how to get these “larger than 25GB movies” either compressed onto a single blank BD disk or backed up onto 2 BD disks.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Newbie Magnu

Quoting a great explanation from this post http://club.cdfreaks.com/f142/backing-up-bluray-dual-layer-279092/#post2304997

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2304997]You’ll need a reasonably fast computer. I suggest a Core2 Duo dual core running at 2.5ghz as the bottom of the line for this. A quad core, either AMD or Intel based would be better. Video encoding of HD material is cpu intensive, so faster/more cores is better.

You’ll also need a lot of hard drive space. I suggest getting two separate hard drives, one to hold the original rip from the disk, one as the target for your compressed file. Blu ray takes a lot of room, so you’ll need fairly large drives.

Necessary software: AnyDVD HD is the only blu ray ripping program that is currently effective against BD+ encryption. This is a must have.

[B]The other program you’ll need is BD Rebuilder, which is currently free. [/B]

To burn to a DL disk, use ImgBurn. Since you are planning to use DL dvds, only buy Verbatim brand +R DL media. They are the only widely distributed brand of double layer dvds consistent enough for us to recommend.[/QUOTE]With BD Rebuilder you can “shrink” to BD single layer, DVD DL or SL.