Dual layer backups on standard 4.7G using 1clickdvd software

Hello, my name is Don-
I am brand new to the art of making dvd backup copies, and I am looking for info related to making backups for what I believe are dual layer dvd’s.(disc size is shown as about 8Gig when loaded)

I recently purchased 1clickdvd software and once the decyption issue was performed had no problem making standard single layer dvd copies.
However, I do have some multisession, documentary style dvd’s which I would very much like to backup in case any should get damaged.
To make this brief the sw review info I have(1clickdvd) indicates that single layer dvd backups can be made from dual layer originals by compressing the info onto one standard disc, but also indicates that the use of dvd-r discs should be used.(I have already tried using standard dvd+r discs(although they were cheap memorex brand discs) and I either get errors or nothing gets copied).

My question is this. I have an HP computer which has a dvd+r recorder/player. Do I really need to copy dual layer dvd’s onto dvd-r media, and if so will I be able to use my dvd+r drive? Also where can I get information on the difference between +r and -r drives and media, and does anyone have a suggestion about how I can accomplish dual layer backups with what I have. Also I was wondering if its software which makes the drive a + or - drive or hardware, or both?

I already tried using Verbatim -r disks in my drive, and it seems not to recognize them during the write phase of the copy process.

Someone out there probably no immediatly what I am doing wrong and I would really appreciate some guidance. I have a good technical background, but I have no experience at all making dvd’s of any kind.
Thanks you so very much, and I look forward to hearing from someone if at all possible.

Have a great day, and thanks again!!


If you have a +R only drive - then you can write ONLY +R disc media-

You would have to get a +/- R/RW burner to read/write either - or + R media-

Also use only good media such as Ritek/Verbatim/Maxell/Taiyo Yuden


which DVD burner does your HP computer have ?
But since you say its a +R burner, then this hardware can burn only +R disks.
there might be updated firmware available for it, which you can try.

If you have problem with all your source DVD disks… then your burner is the problem.
otherwise, the disk itself might be a problem.

Download dvd Shrink - freeware - and this can also shrink a movie into a single
4.4 GB disk - plenty of doc and software itself available at doom9.org

it also has info about +/- formats.
http://www.vcdhelp.com also gives lots of useful info.